Thursday, September 18, 2014


I have no idea who said what, to whom, or where any commentary or opinions may have appeared.  I've been busy in Philadelphia with my presentation at ePatient Connections which was an absolutely wonderful experience.  Before I share everything about two exceptionally enlightening days, I can't sit on the sidelines for this one.

It's all over the news.  Every time I turn the television on, another NFL player is being indicted and/or accused of some form of domestic violence.  These are all recent incidents and frankly, I think it's time for the NFL to rethink the pink.  Yes, we are fast approaching the pink cleats, pink goal posts, pink penalty flags and those ribbons woven into the stadium grass.  It's time for the NFL to step up for women everywhere to encourage us to make that Crucial Catch.

And it's time for the NFL to sit back down and for the American Cancer Society to step back, take a good look at the landscape and say, "Thanks, but no thanks."  If there ever was a moment in time for this self serving nonsense to come to an end, that moment, most assuredly, is now.

I've been quite vocal about the NFL choosing a more appropriate cause.  My feelings are documented in prior posts.  Take care of your own.  It you must choose a cause, brain injury is where the priority should lie.  Players generate a boatload of revenue for the league.  Those same players are at risk of some form of traumatic brain injury every time they set foot on those impeccably groomed fields.  There are concussions, injury induced brain illnesses and retired players dying early or living in squalor.

This is not okay.  It wasn't okay last year or the year before that either.  To know this is happening, and being swept under the proverbial pink carpet as the league honors women by participating in the sham known as breast cancer awareness, is what one might call a sucker punch.  That would be the 2013 version.  The sucker punch.  This year, it's not a sucker punch.  As the league honors women, its players are apparently, allegedly abusing women.  And children.  With real punches, or slaps or sticks being used to discipline toddlers.

Surely I am not the only one appalled at the thought they will choose breast cancer awareness over domestic violence awareness.  October.  In case anyone is interested, purple is the new pink.  At least it should be.  In the NFL.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and some of the activities planned for 31 days in October can be found on the Sanctuary for Families website.

If one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, one in four will be the victim of domestic violence.  How do we raise awareness about this, something that is twice as prevalent as breast cancer and unlike breast cancer, IS PREVENTABLE.

It starts with a purple ribbon.  The NFL would do well to paint the town purple.  Anything less is a slap in the face to women everywhere.

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