Thursday, October 13, 2011


I began my adventures into blogging in July.  In other words, I'm the new kid on this block.  I also became The Dim Twit of the Tweet World.  I'm trying to understand this "reply to" "retweet" stuff.....

Today should be interesting.  On behalf of those who are living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, I will spend the day seeking out facts to educate, to enlighten and to push for more research and more funding specifically for MBC.

I am grateful for early detection.  I am thankful for the volunteers at many of the October pink events.  I am equally disturbed that advances in the treatment of MBC are stagnant.

Learn with me as I am sure there is plenty I WILL learn in my endeavor to reach out in support and solidarity to all of those living with breast cancer that spread.  Peek back every so often and glance at the twitter feed.  It will be updated frequently throughout the entire day.

This is for the metavivors.  They deserve more than a day and they deserve so much more than the minuscule amount of research dollars that are sent their way.  They deserve to have their voices heard.

Some of the quotes I used yesterday came directly from women living with MBC.

This is the Monday Tweet Chat on Metastatic Breast Cancer in its entirety if anyone would like to read what went on for an hour.

Tomorrow, I will be in NYC at the Sheraton Hotel in advance of the Avon Walk.  I will be there with some of my fellow members trying to enroll as many women as possible into the Army of Women.  I can't stress enough the importance of getting as many women to join...... ALL women (and some men, too).  We need to do the research.  We have the funding.  We need to fill the studies.

BE the bachelorette.  Hold that batch of roses.  Watch out for the eligible "bachelors."  If you like one, toss your rose in that direction.  You can't know if you want to participate if you don't know WHAT the studies are all about...... aren't you curious???  I know I am.  Show me the studies.  And I'll make the decision what to do with my rose(s). 

I hope for a wildly successful event tomorrow!  The brave ones who are doing the actual walking....... they should have perfect weather.  Pictures on Monday.....  

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