Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US and to the people who are reading this in some very far away places, I am THANKFUL for you.  I did the gratitude thing yesterday.  I am re-dun-dant  e-nough.

Seeing all of the countries is thrilling to me and I hope you will keep reading..... It is exhilarating to know this silly little blog has been read in over THIRTY countries on every continent except Africa (so if you have a trip planned, do me a solid and hit the blog page from a smartphone just so I can have the cheap thrill of seeing an African country pop up?) and Antarctica (which doesn't count since I don't think anyone actually maintains a residence on that particular block of ice and IF I'm incorrect and there is a population, I'm going with, NO INTERNET due to sub-freezing climate).

Who knew?  I had no expectations.  I wanted to clear the clog in the fog that had become My Brain.  Not only has the clog cleared, the fog lifted.  I still have most (all) of the same issues but I opened myself to embrace change.  The change has been life altering.  If I managed to validate Just One Person which was my goal when I set about this blogging business, I am fulfilled.

My brain has a mind of its own and my life has a life of ITS own and I'm just following its lead.  If you are following, too......  How can I possibly say thank you?  Sometimes, it's best to keep it simple.

Thank You For Welcoming Me Into Your Lives

It doesn't get any simpler or more straightforward OR more heartfelt.......

Back on Monday!

These are a few of my own favorite entries that were posted during the first month of this little blog's existence......

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And, My MOST Favorite from that month, not because I love the post the best, but because I realized someone was laughing with me:

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Sending love to all......


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