Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm pretty well done, possibly for the remainder of the week.  Yesterday sapped a ton of energy out of me.  My To Do list is finally organized in one place.  The problem?  I keep adding to the list and NOT ONE THING is getting crossed off the list. Today is accounting hell day.  W-2's must be mailed.  Payroll tax returns must be filed.  Not ONE thing is done.  Once again, and possibly (hopefully, better be) the last time I shall ever stare down the barrel of this deadline.  EVER.  And, it's not because I expect to be more organized.  Au contraire, mon ami. I already know I can't climb out of this rabbit hole. I simply have to finish up 2011 and step aside.  I mess up numbers, I blow deadlines, I can't deal with the intricacies of determining "this period of time fraction of cents adjustments."

What was second nature for years and years now makes as much sense as words written in Aramaic on parchment scrolls. Today is the day. Today MUST be the day.  And if it isn't, when Thursday rolls around, Groundhog Day All Over Again. And it will be highly personal and it will extend far beyond Punxsutawney Phil and that stupid hole and the his dumb shadow. And while I'm at it?  It better be cloudy as all hell.  AND, PP better come out of his hole and hang out with the party crowd and spring better arrive early.  Just Sayin......

I am morphing out of my bitch blogger cancer rebel mode and summoning my inner Scarlett O'Hara.  I can relate totally.... And with a zig zag of thoughts like these, I'm going with:  Miss Scarlett was NOT Gone With The Wind....She simply had a good old fashioned dose of chemobrain:

"Oh, I can't think about this now!  I'll go crazy if I do!  I'll think about it tomorrow.  But I MUST think about it.  I MUST THINK about it.  What is there to do?  What is there that matters?"

Let's make this an interactive game....But before we do that, I dare you... double dare you, I dare you to the ten million zillion power to convince me that doesn't sound like a chemofriedbrain?  

Ok... if you agree, I'll let you play along..... The hell with Tara.  Tara doesn't exactly exude this homey feeling....We are replacing Tara.  Insert any comfy cozy place in your life... mine would be a trendy vodka joint....possibly the Rooftop at the Standard Hotel... I really did like the tone and the mood, oh yes, and the VIEW.  I had a great time at the Standard.  Didn't I?  Yes, I surely did.  I think.  

Ok...so the Standard Hotel is my comfy cozy (and trendy) place.... pick yours so we can continue.....

Of all the vodka joints, in all the towns, in all the world, I'll walk right in.... and I'll be home!  With a vodka martini.  Home! Feet up... work done.... things getting ticked off my To Do list.... the important things....should the martini be shaken or stirred?  Stuff like that..... The hell with that other stuff... that paperwork is making my brain spin......  Join me as I shout from my Rooftop: 

"After All, Tomorrow is another day!!"

That is my brain in fried egg mode.  I'm bubbling all over the place.....

Ok.... AM... earth to AM... calling AM..... Not only is the thing misquoted, it appears you completely twisted up two classics and mangled them into one big giant mess.  

AM to AM.... Yup... that's exactly what I did and you know what..... don't start sniveling about where you shall go and what you should do..... You belong in your office.  Hitting the deadlines.

Wait!  What are you saying?  The paperwork is definitely going to be late???


Yes, Ser-i-ous-ly and you know what......

Frankly my dear, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.  


  1. You remind me so much of my friend, Richard, who contributed this great advice for my book: "When I wake up in the morning, if I can remember my social security number, I know it's a good day to get things done. If I can't remember it, then I avoid making any decisions that day." I've borrowed his trick (I added my driver's license number) and it works for me too! For what it's worth...

    1. Idelle,

      That makes me laugh! I don't usually have problems with my SSN because it's an "old memory" ..... I AM going to see about my DL#. That would be a good indication of the effectiveness of the Cog Med training.

      I have errors surfacing now from 4 or 5 months ago...... I swear, however... the way the businesses are set up with SEVERAL different accounts-at a number of DIFFERENT banks (but for no good reason...), it's a complex mess for the most organized person on the planet. This is why I am SO convinced once this is no longer ANY of my responsibility, the stress will go down and the CB will ease.

  2. I'm usually late getting my tax stuff to my accountant, but the IRS are the ones who tell us "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" when we're late paying them. Have you ever thought they're kind of like the mob?


    1. The mob? My goodness-the interest and penalties are definitely at numbers in direct competition with what I believe they call "the vig" .. not that I have any extensive knowledge of this stuff first hand!!!!

      Yes... I just got a letter yesterday.... one tax deposit... one week.... one issue which I can attribute to part of a learning curve with the way the online payment system operates.... close to a one thousand dollar "lesson learned" ...... Perhaps my "boss" will realize I am costing him more money trying to continue doing what I can no longer do..... and just leave me ALONE.



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