Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am exhausted and I'm heading for bed.

Here is the latest list of theaters and festivals where Pink Ribbons Inc. will be shown.  The list grows every day so check back frequently if there is presently no location in close proximity to your home.

The movie is powerful.  It is eye opening.  We frequently blog or chat about much of what is in the movie.  Who hates pink. Who thinks there can never be enough pink.  I felt my back go up when I heard someone use the word PREVENT.  Ok. Really.  I was on the aisle and close enough to the front of the small theater where I MIGHT have been inclined to punch a hole in the screen as that word was coming out of the mouth of someone.

It touches on every hot topic.  Where is the money going?  Why isn't there a more collaborative approach with regard to research?  How can we be suckered into buying things that have a ribbon slapped on them when the product itself contains known or suspected carcinogens.

Who is giving voice to the METAvivors?

Barbara Brenner is compelling.  Listening to her do the math on the Yoplait lids drew a laugh.  Watching one of the girls in the group of mets patients tearfully explain how she "did everything right" and couldn't grasp Stage IV, mets, incurable, drugs for life and my face was wet with tears.  Dr. Love explaining how we are still at slash, burn, poison after all these years as I was seated beside my mom was particularly poignant for me because I know she is telling an absolute truth as it applies to my life.  That broke my mom's heart.

For now, I have to put my head on the pillow and close my eyes.  The crowd, though small, was engaged.  The conversation was as lively as it was diverse.  And, apparently, I love holding a microphone.

Thanks again to Breast Cancer Action for trusting me to share their message.  More movie details forthcoming in the days ahead.  For now, I need sleep.  Desperately.

Oh, and that message I expected to see when I got into my car?  No such message.  The car was dead.  Completely dead.  No message, no light, no nothing.  Only utter panic at the realization my car was not working and if I couldn't get someone on my driveway in an hour or less, I was going to have a rough time getting a cab.  Serves me right for making a wise crack yesterday.  I'll never learn.

Back with more after I rest my weary head.


  1. I hope you got the rest you needed, AnneMarie. And I hope your car is on the mend soon. Pink Ribbons Inc. sounds very riveting indeed. I want to see it, but I know I will feel fury at the whole cancer industry thing. It doesn't sit well with me either. And I get pissed off when women are blamed for not doing enough to prevent mets. Yeah, there's that word: "prevent."

    1. I swear, Beth, my back just went stiff and I gripped the armrest. Might have groaned and it may have been an audible groan even though I thought it was in my mind. I do remember stating that NONE of us gets a free pass on mets. Glad that CJ shared some of the stats in #bcsm. I was able to say we can't ignore the mets patients... that 30% of those of us diagnosed with early stage WILL develop mets. I think I may have said I had a "thing" about the word prevent.... and stressed "risk reducing" behavior is JUST that....

      And, I LOVED your prequel post. Having had that same biopsy, I could picture myself on that table. I love your surgeon. Sounds like one of the good guys...


  2. AnneMarie,
    Wouldn't you know, according to the link you provided, there's not a theater in all of Texas that's showing this film. I may have to wait until it's available online. Really looking forward to seeing it.

    Sounds like you've had a tough day. Sorry.


    1. Brenda,
      I had a rough day right up til the point I had a microphone in my hand and was able to have a discussion with the audience about the movie. I loved the conversation. How's the radio show going????? I think I want to share your microphone for a day! Promise I'll behave....



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