Monday, April 30, 2012


This Friday, I will be on a plane, albeit one a bit smaller than I prefer, bound for Washington DC to participate in the National Breast Cancer Coalition advocacy summit.  That big clock above the blog posts?  Deadline 2020?  That's the genius of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

These are the people who are trying desperately to change the conversation.  And with good reason, don't you agree?  We are insane with the breast cancer thing.  I've learned that insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.  Some might argue.  Some will say we've made progress.  Some will say we are saving more lives and I won't disagree.  We have made progress.

Early detection is saving and will continue to save lives but we've known THAT for many years.  We've found ways to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.  I don't know who exactly perpetrates this factoid but for me, that seems like an urban myth.  I double dare you to wait near a chemotherapy suite and ask one of the women who is either entering or exiting how they feel in the days immediately following their chemotherapy.

Plastic surgery techniques have come far.  This is NOT an urban myth.  The plastics guys seem to have made the most progress.  They have come up with some ingenious methods to reconstruct us once we've taken the big plunge.  They are moving fat around, reconnecting blood supplies, using implants, taking muscle from other parts of our bodies to create the illusion of breasts.  Still.  Let's make no mistake here.  They are not breasts.  It's slight of hand and an illusion.  And make no additional mistake.  Some women are severely and seriously compromised after surgery.  But it looks good.  Forget about how it feels.  Billy Crystal...... You Look Mahvelous.......Absolutely Mahvelous.

None of this takes away from my "we are insane" position.  We're barking up the wrong tree.  We're moving in the wrong direction.  We are doing little more than marking time.  Meaningful progress matters.   The progress we have made stopped being meaningful about twenty years ago.  This week I will gear up to add my voice to the hundreds of others who will be in Washington DC demanding better.

Coincidentally, the DC Avon Walk is this weekend, too.  I don't think I'll arrive in time to help greet the walkers if Army of Women has a sign up table at the walk registration but Army of Women will have a table at the advocacy summit.  And I will be at that table lending a hand whenever I can.  If you are in the DC area, come see me at the Hyatt Crystal City.  If you are attending NBCC, time to start planning for the meet ups!

Are you going?  Roll Call........  Kindly sign the attendance sheet.    


  1. I'll be with you in spirit my friend! I am home recovering from one of those "muscle moving" reconstructive surgeries. I know you'll represent! Safe travels! Your friend in Wisconsin...Barb

  2. Hey Barb,
    Glad you popped over to check in. Im sitting in the plastic surgeons office for my annual follow up. My implants had a five year birthday last week! Wondering if I should ask about a tattoo touch up. Maybe some fat injections to fill in two spots that seem to be a bit hollow. Then again, maybe all is just fine As Is. Any time they mess with those muscles it takes time. Stay well and let me know what happens if you attend the event in Wisconsin.

  3. I'm with you! I'll see you in DC!

    1. I know! I think it will be pretty awesome to work an AOW table together. "Coasts collide" as George said in that Seinfeld episode about worlds colliding.... And... lots of cyber world, 3D world collisions should be happening, too!

  4. I'm glad you're going, AM! Can't wait for you to "report" back in! Maybe next year I will attend!

    1. Yes..... We should begin planning "The Bloggers" section of NBCC for 2013. Gives everyone a year to plan! Thank you AGAIN for the shout out on your blog. I was blown away by your words.


  5. Hi AnneMarie, I'm glad you're going. Turns out the timing wasn't right for me. My son's adoption day anniversary is Friday, my birthday is Sunday and I just really want to be home to celebrate with my boys. Not that I'm not torn. I'll be thinking of you and other ways I can help get the message out. Can't wait to hear all about it from you. Safe trip and watch out for those TSA agents.

    1. Stacey...

      First of all... Happy birthday a few days early... I WILL forget by Sunday.... and the adoption anniversary..... well... my heart just bursts with happiness when I read that, but then, I didn't have to tell you that, did I? I was so excited when my sister stood before that judge with my niece. You are right where you belong this weekend. Promise me we will make the time to meet for lunch in the city!


      ps-re TSA..... OMG... you simply must have read my mind..... was thinking the same thing... figure DCA MUST have body scanners and the TSA is gonna be VERY busy this weekend between the Avon walk and the NBCC... lots of implants passing through that airport between Sunday and Tuesday!


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