Tuesday, July 17, 2012


No blog today.  I’m still trying to catch up on yesterday.  The problem?  I had to do some “real” work.  Accounting.  Stuff on a deadline.  Problems with a few business checking accounts.  Issues with my ATM card going dead wreaking havoc on my half completed personal financial clean up.

Oh and that.  Yesterday.  The anonymous comment that irritated many before I ever saw a bloody thing.  So much for my self admonishment of “not militant enough” in a recent blog post.  While the ghost was leaving some scathing comments on my blog, someone at the article called me “Bitter.”  THAT pissed me off.  But, I will say we had a reasonable, respectful and productive discussion.  The guy who said “bitter” turned out to be a good guy.  Go Figure. 

Thanks to everyone who commented after my brain truly exited my head kicking and screaming.  You can count on me to put this all in a nicely tied package.  It will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.

It’s gonna be good.  I promise.  Meantime, amuse yourselves.  Read yesterday.  You may laugh.  Or not.  You may get annoyed.  Or not.

I’m going back to the quote from a tweet chat from months and months ago.  I WISH the owner of the line would please claim it.  If it’s yours, please step forward and take a bow:



  1. Good morning! I actually woke up this morning still ready to rumble...and actually had a blast rereading all the comments (and the new ones you added!) a good hardy/heated discussion is needed sometimes. Way to jump to Mom's defense :-)!!

    Any-hoo, although I have no idea who tweeted "you can't fix stupid," it is actually a Ron White skit. I haven't seen it in ages, but you may want to google it. For being a scotch drunk, Ron (and all the Blue Collar guys) can be pretty funny (at times.)

    Good luck sorting through business stuff :-)


    1. I'm going to google that now! THEN, I'm going to work on MY TAN (kidding)......

      I love my mom. And, I especially love that she does come to this blog incognito when she decides to comment on anything. I know she reads it every day..... (sometimes a problem.... sorry, mom but not in a negative way against her..... there are times I may hold back on things because I don't want to upset HER with pieces of information she's better off not knowing until there's something to know... i.e.-two weeks ago when my sister had a scare..... I was a wreck but NO BLOG because we didn't want mom a wreck, too!)

      You are one fabulous person, Tory and I'm honored and privileged to have a copy of your book in my possession. There is a write up in the works..... meantime.... if anyone is perusing this dust up.... save this link and be on the lookout for a rave review




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