Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm watching the storm coverage.  While I still have electricity.  There's a huge tree in my neighbor's yard.  The gusts are blowing through the thing. Storm not here quite yet.  Expected to begin about ten hours from now.  I already hear buzz saws in the distance.

Last year, I my power was out for 12 hours.  My neighbors?  Eight DAYS.  Going to post a few pics from Irene.  These photos are from my immediate area.  Next door, three homes down, the adjacent blocks.  In other words, I couldn't get out of my neighborhood despite the fact there ARE four different ways to the outside world.  Downed trees or dangling wires kept me right here.

Before I go into high drama Frankenstorm mode, I'd like to say thank you to WEGO Health.  Last week, I had the honor and distinct pleasure of speaking to a group of folks at Novartis (Yes, that would be BIG Pharma) .....  Gang... they are not the bad guys.  Every person in that room was attentive and engaged.  Novartis had already gained my respect.  Why?

Quite simply, they are behind the metastatic community.  There are You Tube videos and a GREAT website:  Count Us, Know Us, Join Us.  My commitment to the metastatic patients is no surprise to anyone who visits this blog with any regularity.

On Friday, I participated in a roundtable discussion with Alicia and Vicki.  This was another initiative of WEGO Health and I was delighted to join from my hotel room in Texas.  Taking some chance posting this as I've not heard it yet... nor do I recall much of what I said.....

My power is flickering on and off.... The latest LIPA outage map has a mess of spots around my home with already without power. As I understand it, trees are down. The wind gusts are quite strong.

Just for the sake of entertainment.... Here are the photos of Irene. Apparently, Irene was a walk in the park for most of us in the downstate area. Except, of course, those of us who were in the midst of a tornado. These photos are all within a one block radius of my home.  I'll be on twitter and Facebook if there are no updates here for a spell....

Encore presentation.... Irene, circa 2011.  An apparent cakewalk in comparison to Sandy's expected mess.


In the time it's taken me to type this, the winds have gotten steadier and stronger.  I'm posting this before I'm limited to my iPad and the possibility of an overloaded Verizon network.


  1. Cheers to you for being a speaker and representing the community. That's really, really great, AnneMarie.

    I hope all is well and that tree is holding steady.

  2. Be safe darling! Thank you for speaking for us.


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