Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yes, I am drained.  These past 36 hours have drained me.  Tomorrow, I will be inspired.  Today is the day in between. Today, I'll do a little pampering and a little packing.  For tomorrow and for Friday....

Tell me.... who doesn't LOVE this message?


Faster Cures is a an organization worth knowing.  There is so much information packed on the What We Do page, it's a "must click."  For those of us who are trying to be as active and involved as possible, it doesn't get much better than this:

"We start and end everything we do with the patient in mind.  For the medical research system to work, it has to be patient-focused, and patient driven."

That's all you're getting.... you will have to go see for yourself if you want to fully understand what they are doing at Faster Cures.  In 2009, they held their inaugural conference, an event that is "squarely focused on results."  Dr. Susan Love presented at that inaugural conference.  That in itself was enough of an endorsement for me.

Partnering for Cures is holding their 4th annual conference and it opens this evening.  It's in NYC and I am thrilled that I will be in attendance. This isn't only about breast cancer.  It's about all diseases.  It's about breakthrough.  It's about collaboration.  It's acknowledging that research does not happen in its own laboratory bubble.  It's understanding the importance of brainstorming, of sharing information, of finding ways to bring everyone together.  It's all about solutions. I'm all for that.


Hopefully, I will be tweeting from the sessions which may or may not be a successful endeavor.  Listen AND tweet?  For a chemobrain, we're talking "How do you walk and chew gum simultaneously???" If you are on twitter, follow @FasterCures and @FC_P4C.  If you want to follow the event in real time, watch the #P4C2012 hashtag.  If I can't, plenty of others will! If this entire paragraph has you scratching your head, I'm sure the presentations will be recapped on the website.  In fact, you can go look at the presentations from the past three conferences.

And finally, this is another initiative by Faster Cures.  Yet another hashtag the twitterati may want to follow:  #TimeEqLives

Help share the message.... Time Equals Lives ..... We have wasted enough time.  It's TIME to push for solutions.  I'll be stopping at their booth to say hi.  And if they need us to form a cyber-flash mob, I'm counting on everyone to jump in.

Note to the NYC gang....  if you can find your way to the Grand Hyatt, drinks are on me.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in NYC AnneMarie. We're psyched for the 800 amazing participants to arrive in town and get down to the business of improving and speeding medical research (while hopefully having some fun in the process). I think you will find it to be an energizing and productive experience. Excited for you to share your story with us. See you soon!

    1. I can't thank you enough for the invitation! I have been excited about this conference since I first stumbled upon it in my internet travels many MANY month ago. I think you are doing spectacular things!

      I'll see you later...Can not wait!

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