Monday, December 3, 2012


A month ago, I was in Austin.  Today, I'm en route to San Antonio.  Texas.  Again.  It's the 35th Annual Breast Cancer Symposium.  I must mind my manners and thank the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation for the invitation.

This is the 15th year they are holding a Patient Advocate program and I am anxious to see what this week has in store for me.  There will be reunions.  I can't wait to see Lori, CJ and Betty again.  It's been over six months since NBCC summit. I'm looking forward to spending time with Jody, too.  The last time we were under the same roof, we did little more than pass like ships in the night.  Luana (You Can Thrive) who I met at the Avon walk registration will be there, too.

I will meet Vicki for the first time, ditto Jamie.  I'm sure Deanna will be around and I think Alicia will be there, too.  And Kim.  And, it's possible there are others in the patient advocate program that I know.  I'm not sure how email addresses and names translate to twitter handles or blogs but I'm guessing there may be more people in the program that already "know" each other.  I suck at adding 2+2 (let's remember my neurocog evaluation wherein I was told "your brain issues are around numbers, AnneMarie") so I haven't connected any other dots.

Stay tuned.  My brain is already dripping out of my ears from last week's conference and now I'm gearing up for another. This week's hashtag?  #SABCS ....  there may be others but as of now, that's the one we are using.  I'm sure a bunch of us will be all "a-twit" so everything we learn can be shared with anyone who is interested.

Note to Christine and Brenda:  I hope we can find a way to connect.  My schedule seems to go from 7:30AM (or earlier) until after 9PM.  Every Single Day.  I will be leaving on Saturday immediately at the conclusion of the conference.  I'll stay in touch.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope to share here, too.  That may be a bit lofty given the schedule.......  Or not.  I'm just rolling with the punches here... and there are punches coming from every direction.  I don't like the ones that come from out of nowhere.  There's always one or two of those which tend to throw me completely off my game.  If I let them.  And I won't.  Focus is hard enough...

AND.... speaking about FOCUS.....I know it was all over twitter and Facebook but in case anyone missed this.....  take a peek at Jody Schoger on the national evening news last week.  She will be blogging from San Antonio.  The link to her blog is here.  Big thanks for mentioning me in her post.

Here's the link to the piece as it was reported on NBC Nightly News.

And here is the extended interview.....

Considering how irritated I was at the lousy headline last week (last Monday's post here), this was HUGE validation....  I can't wait to hear Patricia Ganz.  She will be in San Antonio and I'm sure she will address this recent study.  And I want to hear every word.  With my own two ears......

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  1. So jealous that all of you will be together...and I have never even met anyone in person. Isn't social media a funny thing? I feel like all of my friends are getting together and I was unable to come! Someday! Perhaps in DC next spring. Safe travels my friend! Can't wait to hear about the symposium!


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