Thursday, December 13, 2012


Up on a soapbox today.  AS IF I haven't been on a soapbox for the past week, but today, I want to remind those who are following along about the initiatives of the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation.

Are you enrolled in the Army of Women database?  If not, here's the link and I have a question.  Why not?

For two solid weeks my mind has been on research.  Fast tracking research, learning about the studies that are in early phases and most especially, hearing many of the presenters thank the participants.  Heartfelt thanks and acknowledgment. "It would not have been possible without, first and foremost, the women."   

One evening as the assembled panel of experts was helping us understand the earlier presentations, there was an "unfair fight."  One of the researchers does work in mouse models and the others were playfully ganging up on her.  Immediately, however, I thought of Dr. Love.  Animal studies are crucial, but people studies are most important.

Did you know that there are researchers studying the environmental issues and how these toxins might find their way into our breast tissue?  Of course not!  No one can possibly know about every study looking for participants.  I'll bet many of you would have been amenable to joining this study.  It involved the study center sending a kit for urine and saliva samples.  It was for HEALTHY women.  The study is filled.  It took 26 hours to get all of the women needed for the study.

That is the power of the Army of Women.  THAT is what you are "joining."  IF you were a "volunteer" you would have gotten an email explaining what the study was all about, the group of women (and sometimes men) the researchers needed to fill the study and what would be involved if you fit the criteria.  Done.

Three choices in the email.  "No Thank You."  "Yes, I'd like more info." or, "Forward to a friend."  Or, delete the email. Studies are carefully vetted by DSLRF before the email is sent.  They are studies.  NOT clinical drug trials.  Nothing getting put INTO your body.  No more than three emails a month (if that).  Are you in?

The OTHER initiative that we can ALL join?  The Health of Women Study.  Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed!  The study is just shy of 30,000 participants.  I've been trying to get the word out to push the number over the 30K mark for several days. Since I began opening my big mouth a few days ago,  the number only increased by about 25 people.

I get it.  This is a busy time of year.  We are all distracted but this study is open to all.  Women, men, healthy, breast cancer,

We can all be a part of something that will be game changing.  We need to do something for the metastatic patients ASAP and we MUST be bold and envision a future without breast cancer.  We can do this.





And I say, Those Who Can, MUST.  Click both links.  GO!

And a little aside..... send good thoughts out into the universe.  Someone who means a tremendous amount to me is having some "things" checked tomorrow.  I need to hear good news.  


  1. Thanks AnneMarie for your continuing efforts to encourage signing up for both the Army of Women and the Health of Women Study. I'm with you--a bit disappointed that more haven't joined faster. I continue to encourage others to join as well. It's set up so well and you get to choose whether or not to join studies you qualify for. They've really made it easy to do some good for the BC cause. Let's keep trying!

  2. I love when you get on your soapbox! :)

    I am with you too... I am waiting for my guest blog to be posted in the Dr. Susan Love newsletter next week and then I am gonna use it to badger my family and friends that haven't joined to the HOW Study.

    We can't give up! Must keep on them!!! :)

  3. dear annemarie,

    keep getting on that soapbox! and to your readers, here's the thing - joining the AOW and the HOW study is SO EASY. we have so many times when we feel helpless in the face of this terrible disease, but here is a chance to DO SOMETHING with instant gratification - that's healthy and not illegal! and someday, maybe just one person participating will, with their input, change the whole landscape of breast cancer - be it how the disease gets started, how it can be prevented, how it can be CURED. one of us might be the missing piece of a huge puzzle in a research study, just perched on the precipice of putting it all together and finding a ANSWER to all the searching for the whys and wherefores of breat cancer. i align with you annemarie, and lisa, and ashley - let's keep trying, and we can't give up!!!

    love, XOXO

    karen, TC

  4. So glad you are getting the word out. If all of us just keep at it, we can make a difference. You are doing such great work getting all of this information out! Thank you...thank you....thank you.! XoXoXo-Susan


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