Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have no idea if this is scientific or not.  I have no idea if it's accurate or not.  I only know that I saw one thing.  Being completely skeptical, I handed the laptop to my husband.  He saw the opposite.  When my daughter walked into the room as this was unfolding, I asked her to take a look.  Her response, "Both."

This has been around for a long time.  It's on You Tube.  It's appeared in a number of publications.  It's been the topic of blog posts.

You tell me.  In what direction is this dancer moving?  First observe and then scroll below.

Keep Scrolling......  I don't want to skew anyone's brain.

Keep going........


Apparently, the majority of us will see this dancer moving counter-clockwise.  Purportedly, if you see her moving to the left (counter-clockwise), you are more "left-brained."  Clockwise, if this is to be believed, you are more "right-brained" and in the minority.

Could it be this is just one of those "harebrained" things which would be defined as something "foolish, absurd or ridiculous."  I always tend to use the Merriam Webster as my gold standard although, dictionary.com and thefreedictionary.com use similar words in their definition of harebrained.

I like the synonyms used by Merriam Webster, too.  In addition to those listed: birdbrained, featherbrained and scatterbrained..... I DO think I should petition Messrs. Merriam and Webster to include CHEMOBRAINED on that list of synonyms.

And... in case the curiosity has you on the edge of your seat.

Clockwise.  She's moving clockwise.

The link to the daily telegraph where I first saw this can be found here.  Not only does it explain what each half of our brains are responsible for, it says if you focus, YOU can change her direction.  I wasn't successful.  The You Tube video has a little "help" if you play it through to the end.  Without the help? Clockwise all the way for me.

I wonder how I might have seen this pre-chemo, pre-cancer.  I know when I read the left-brain characteristics, that WAS me in another lifetime.  It may not be scientific on any level, but for me, just one more bit of silly validation.

All I know?  I Am Right.

Ed Note:
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  1. First she turned counterclockwise. Then I looked away from the screen (down, not sideways), and when I looked back, she was turning clockwise.

    Each time I look down and back, she changes direction.

    Now I'm dizzy.

  2. I forgot to say: I'm a lifelong left-brainer--a Myers-Briggs INTJ--or at least, I was until cancer. My inclinations still run that way, but implementation is nearly impossible.

    (And I first saw this video long before I was diagnosed, but I can't for the life of me remember which way she turned then. I do remember that the direction change was not fluid as it is now.)

    1. Rhonda... You CRACK me up.... "dizzy" I live my life under the guise of dizzy...

      I, too am a lifelong left brainer. Now, I feel like I fit the profile of the right brainer....

      I can't get her to spin in any other direction.... It's a nice and even spin, but still only one way....


  3. I am currently going through Chemo and the dancer is turning clockwise and no matter how many times I look she is still going clockwise

    1. I'm taking an "unofficial" poll. This has me fascinated. I tried to make her change direction, too. Can't do it....

      Hope you are tolerating the chemo....

      Thank you for sharing!

  4. I see clockwise. I tried to "turn her around," but I couldn't do it. Very interesting!

  5. clockwise at first, but then a definite change to counterclockwise; i was not trying to change the direction, it just happened. then she changed direction back to clockwise for the rest of the video. gosh, i don't know what to make of THAT? v-e-d-d-d-y in ter est ing...


    karen, TC

    1. She changed for you .... and then went back to clockwise....

      another hmmmmm.....

  6. Love this, it's fun. Clockwise for me and could not change it. I have been more right brained than left. I believe so much so that if I am not creating something I get depressed. I'm not artistic, but creative in terms of problem solving and space/dimension.

    So having lost my "homing device" from chemo, word finding issues, etc made me even worse.

    This video is interesting, I wish I could change the direction of the dancer.

    Thanks for posting!


    1. I tried very hard to change the direction, too..... and I KNOW I WAS left brained.....

      But yet, another clockwise.....

      This is certainly strange!

      As for remembering as you mention below..... I have note books and post it notes and names of people I MUST check in on... and at the end of EVERY SINGLE day, nothing is done and I feel like I'm in the midst of a worsening mess. I know exactly how you feel with the names and keeping everything straight.


  7. Oh the hardest part about chemo brain is not remembering names, especially the names of my cancer sisters. It's just so hard to remember handles for support groups, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. I feel bad when I miss something major ....just thought I'd mention this. I mean this really gets me down.....