Friday, February 1, 2013


Obviously, I've got a thing for red.  Duh?  It sorta jumps off the page.

When I was designing this background for this blog, I played around with some of the canned templates and of course, I went pink.  I wasn't too aware that we needed to change the awareness.  I'm a quick learner.

The person who was quicker?  Anna.  My Visible Ink mentor.  Anna "Is there an audience for chemobrain?" The Mentor. She humored me about the audience but she absolutely and vehemently was opposed to the pastels and the paisleys.  "It's just not you, AnneMarie.  It's not BOLD enough."

Score one for Anna who didn't know me but a few days.  She was reading, though.  Those first few posts, she was reading. She saw what I didn't know.  Technically, I did know.  I have a big mouth.  I just never chose to share that little bit of information with anyone except my tortured husband and my tormented children.  I just didn't realize I could have a big voice to go with that big mouth.

Thus, the pastels disappeared, my desk with the mess and the commotion became the background and it was glossed over by RED.  The color of passion.  Of fury.  Of heart.  Of anger.  Of determination.

Today, I am wearing red.  It's all about heart disease.  The number one killer of women in the US.  Grab a pretend microphone and go ask the folks on the street what they think.  This is not scientific but I'd wager a hefty sum, or a pair of red soled Loubies (shoes for those who may not share my thing for red soles) that at least half of the people will say "breast cancer."  That's the power of the pink ribbon and it's a power we must harness.  We WILL harness.

I'm wearing red and I'm at a seminar at Columbia.  It's a breast cancer seminar that I expect will provide me with lots of good insight.  Stay tuned..... I will share.

Closing out the week, I want to reiterate my thanks once again for the unwavering support you have shown to my mom. I'm humbled and I am eternally grateful. She is touched beyond words.

On another note, and those of you who have been around for a while know that if I believe in something, I will continue to share and ask for your support.  I believe in the Army of Women, I believe in the Health of Women study, I believe in research.  I believe in being a Fearless Friend.

And I believe in being empowered patients as partners.  We are the captains of our health teams.  We do all of this with knowledge and I'm very happy to see the notes you've left for me about Medivizor.  I see some of you are waiting for invitations and I see others have already begun using the site.  Thank you for trusting my judgement.

I had the privilege of speaking with the COO of Medivizor.  His name is Ronen and he left a comment on Wednesday's blog.  After our conversation, I am convinced they are doing this for all the right reasons.  It's all about making a difference.  Ronen believes one person CAN make a difference.  And I believe it, too.  And I will do whatever I can to help spread the word because they have heart.

If you are now part of Medivizor, heed Ronen's words.  Challenge them.  They are pursuing excellence.  Remember that thing about information.  If it's information that doesn't matter to YOU, it's useless FOR you.  They only want you to get what's going to help you.  

Enjoy the weekend..... enjoy the commercials on Sunday..... I happen to enjoy football so I'll be watching the game and I'll be rooting for my favorite coach.  Here's a hint.  His name is Harbaugh.  Their first names are those of my father, my son and my husband.  (One of them goes by two names, so YES, two guys have three names....)  Mostly, I'll be watching the sky box where the proud papa will be watching his sons battling for that trophy down in New Orleans.  No matter the outcome, that man is going to be happy AND sad.  But at the end of the day, it's just a game.

And this is life..... A quote from the man whose name is on that trophy, Vince Lombardi.  A man whose life was stolen by cancer  at 57 years old.  A man who went to a Catholic High School very close in proximity to where I grew up........

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.  


  1. Oh my dear friend, I swear that we are cosmically (is that a word?) related... As you know I am a diehard Packer fan! I love football! I loved Vince Lombardi and often use his quotes. Here is one that I think describes you:
    "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality --- the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow."
    Because of your passion, your "power to inspire", you have brought so many of us together to support each other and to support Army of Women, Medivizor and so many more worthy programs. Thanks AnneMarie! Love you!

    1. LOVE you, Barb. The bonds that bind are strong.... because you were the 1st person who let me I wasn't writing to a "screen" but to real people.

      I know you love the Packers and one day we will talk about my son's pilgrimage to Lambeau as a fan of Brett..... for the ICE game when the Giants unexpectedly made the playoffs and went on to win the Super Bowl. His buddies are Giants fans, They had "Blue" cheese heads and he stood proudly with the Packer fans. He LOVED Green Bay. LOVED the city, LOVED the people...


  2. Note and correction... Ronen believes one person SHOULD make a difference. We all can. This question is "will we?" .... I often found myself saying, "Those who can-Should." but I've since taken it up a notch.... now, my words about that.... "Those who can, MUST."

    Love and hugs....

    and over and out...

    Gee.. I'm running late ...

    There's a huge shock.....



  3. Thank you for being a great resource of information! I just signed up for the health woman of study and am waiting for my testing supplies from army of woman. I too believe that we can make a difference

  4. Thank you for all that you do and sharing so many valuable resources. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs to you, your family, and your mom. XoXoXo - Susan

  5. Totally forgot about wearing red today since it's PURPLE Friday in the Baltimore area. Have to cheer the local boys even though I'm a die-hard Giants fan. Just by coincidence, I'm wearing red underwear - hope that counts for something. ;-) And I got my invitation from Medivizor late yesterday! Have a great weekend and GO RAVENS!!! Love, Ellen xoxo

  6. AnneMarie,

    You are so right: the average person would say the No. 1 killer of women in the US is breast cancer, thanks to all the pink hoopla. Heart disease is such a killer, and it would be nice to have some more appropriate awareness campaigning on behalf of heart disease. Thank you for all you do; I so appreciate you.


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