Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I can't even write.  I don't know where I would begin.  Yesterday, Donna Peach was stolen by this wretched disease.  A beautiful voice silenced.  I knew her health was deteriorating but she always rallied back.  This time, it didn't happen.

Her husband, Marvin had been updating her blog when he could and yesterday, he shared everything that happened in those last hours.  His words are eloquent, heartfelt and beautiful.  If you wish to read what he had to say or leave a message for him, Donna's blog can be found here.

For my part, I can only say that Donna was special.  Gentle.  Wise.  Donna was a woman filled with grace.  Yes, if I had to choose just one word, it would be Grace:  graceful, gracious.

She will be missed by many.  I'm certain many of the bloggers will have plenty to say about Donna and I will post all of the links I find in this post.

As for me.... I will MISS you, Donna.  I know we would have had great times visiting if we lived closer.  "Just a half an hour and a cup of tea" .....

I'm saddened.  Really, I'm heartbroken.

Beautiful words from my very dear friend, Lori who rallies to my side EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. managed to arrange a "tweet up" ... a real life meeting of a group of twitter buddies....  What a beautiful tribute she has written.


  1. God I can not stop crying this morning!!! Dance away Donna...

    1. AM...

      That was me, last night.... Really could not control the tears. I saw her husband's tweet, "Break A Leg" and I just KNEW.... When I read the blog, it just did me in.....


      I hate this "illusion of progress" and the "hype of hope" and the "tyranny of positive thinking" ......

      WHY is this still happening..... I suppose that's the part of me that is so passionate about the science and the research. Something has to change.

      LOVE to you..


  2. I have no words, just feel so sad.

    1. Yes, it's been a horribly sad day...

      This is when I'm most grateful for the community we have here.


  3. dear annemarie,

    to have such a beautiful light extinguished by this horrible disease is so, so sad. donna tried so damned hard to live, and she was such a paragon of hope and joy and love for us all. i will re-read her oh so beautifully crafted haikus again and again, and try to celebrate her life - especially after she and marvin found each other. but for now, i just feel so sad.

    much love to you,

    karen, TC

    1. Oh Karen,

      Me, too.. just sadness. Her blog is her legacy, it is her room, now darkened.

      Lori has written a beautiful blog. I'm going to include the link here.

      Tons of love to you & Hugh,


  4. Oh no, not Donna! She was a wonderful and generous voice for all of us. I am so sad to hear this.

    1. She WAS such a kind and loving soul. Some things sting just a bit more than others. This stings.

      I'm glad to see your smiling face here. I do miss you...



  5. I too am just so sad. Donna was so special. I know she danced in to the light, but there is an emptiness I can't describe. Damn this disease. Donna went through so much, yet she always brought so much light in this beautiful world.

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