Monday, April 22, 2013


Disclaimer: I was invited to participate in a campaign to promote Look Good Feel Better program. There are give away prizes and in the spirit of transparency and good blogging practices, although I'm not in the hunt for anything, I want to be sure I disclose that before I say one more word.

Look Good Feel Better is just one of the many support services offered by the American Cancer Society. They are taking their program social. There will be a tweet chat on Wednesday featuring advice and tips from a group of highly accomplished experts. I hope you will take the time to share this with anyone who is in active treatment.

I never attended one of these sessions although I wish I had. Every person who has ever talked about the program has had more to say about the camaraderie and the laughter. I've always come away thinking, the looking good part was secondary to the feeling better part of the program. There is nothing better than knowing we are not alone no matter where we are in the scope of the treatment and the aftermath.
A bit about the week and the launch of the mobile apps are in this information provided to me by LGFB:

What is Look Good Feel Better?

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a global program aimed helping people with cancer cope with the appearance-related side effects of their treatment. For 24 years, the program has served more than 800,000 people with cancer in the U.S. and more than 1.2 million people with cancer around the world through free workshops, self help materials and webinars run by a team of 7,000 volunteer beauty experts. LGFB works to help cancer patients look and feel like themselves again – giving them self confidence, hope and a sense of normalcy.

What are the ‘LGFB Beauty’ Mobile App and Web Tool?

The LGFB Beauty app and web tool provide a step-by-step walk through of the Look Good Feel Better 12-step beauty program, covering a variety of topics from skin care to proper cosmetic applications to the use of turbans, hats and wigs. It also features expert advice in the form of instructional videos from fashion expert Stacy London and celebrity makeup artist Carmindy. How does it work? LGFB Beauty uses a person’s own image, captured through their mobile device or webcam, as well and/or images of past LGFB participants, to dynamically demonstrate how to combat the outward side effects of cancer treatment. Users can try on different shades and styles – creating and saving numerous different, unique looks.

Who is it for?

The new Look Good Feel Better, mobile and web applications have been designed specifically for cancer patients. They will be used also at the point-of-care – by medical professionals looking to introduce patients to the program – and by family members and other loved ones interested in learning more. Though a digital app can never fully capture the one-on- one support and connections created through LGFB’s live workshops, LGFB Beauty is designed to help reach those patients unable to attend a live session, and to further educate those who may be hesitant to attend one.

Where do I get it?

LGFB Beauty mobile and web applications are now available for iPhone® and iPad® in the AppStore® and accessible online or for other mobile operating systems at


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  2. Wonderful feature if LGFB :) I hope it helps some curious women decide to join in. Up here in Canada, LGFB and are from the same organisation, so I am very glad to read your post. And it really is all about finding connections & feeling more like yourself. ~Catherine

    1. I know about the program in Canada. If my chemobrain serves me well, I believe Katie wrote a beautiful post on her blog about her trepidation over going and the joy she experienced after the session. I was thinking about that post as I began to write this!




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