Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today, I pause to honor the tireless advocacy of those whose dogged determination WILL change the way we all look at this disease.  I admire and support their efforts.

For you, Deana..... for single handedly spearheading a movement on twitter.  You amaze me.

And in memory of Lauren Terrazzano who inspires me each and every day and for my dad who I miss each and every day...... and for every person whose life has been cut short and for those who stare this disease down every day.....  

UALC's gala happens to fall on the anniversary of my grandmother's birthday in November.  Maybe this year, I should think about attending.  They've funded over 100 grants in excess of $10 Million.  Learn the facts.  Download the sheets.  Support their efforts.   

I stand with you.  It's time......

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  1. dear anne marie,

    thank you for recognizing world lung cancer day - I still recall some of my hospice patients who died with the pain of a terrible stigma, and suffered from such antiquated treatment. I stand with you - for them, for your dad, for lauren - and for deana for what she did for the cause, on twitter, singlehandedly.

    much love, XOXOXOXO


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