Friday, October 18, 2013


There are times when things happen that simply bring me to tears.  And there are times when I realize the power of social media is far beyond what I am even able to grasp.

This is one of those times.  Grace (Grazia, in Italian) is one of my global friends.  And yes, I do mean friend.  She is brilliant and young and trying to change the Culture of Breast Cancer back to the Disease that IS Breast Cancer by using her powerful voice and harnessing it through social media where she is having a global impact.

The New York Times is featuring Faces of Breast Cancer.  I know I started to write when I saw it and then, I got distracted. That's typical.

Whether it's a function of my distracted brain or it's truly because I have too many balls in the air, it doesn't really matter. I ALWAYS had too many things going on simultaneously.  And they ALWAYS got done.  On deadline, with time to spare. And accurately, too.  Now.  Not so much.

Such is the fallout of my cancer diagnosis and treatment.  It is what it is.  I have found fully written email messages, in draft form, in my mind, SENT.... only to find them days later.  Still housed on this computer.  (If you are waiting for a reply, I do have everything-albeit scattered in a heap of papers, but I apologize profusely if I promised a reply and you happen to be waiting.... I mean that sincerely.)

My point.....  I saw a message on twitter from Grazia to me sharing that "we" are in the NY Times.

I'm a heap of emotions these days and to see these words brought all of those emotions to the surface....

I started to read everything I found on the topic until I met a woman on Twitter. Her name is Anne Marie Ciccarella

I know Grazia is hosting a screening of Pink Ribbons Inc in the UK on behalf of Breast Cancer Action.  She is part of the Breast Cancer Consortium assembled by Gayle Sulik.  She is determined to change the conversation.  She is making a difference.

Grazia.... I am so grateful for the gift of your friendship.  I am so thankful we met.  My life is immeasurable better because you are in it. 

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  1. ...and I KNOW Grazia feels the same way, Anne Marie! thanks for sharing - I will check out Gayle's Breast Cancer
    Consortium. I hope you get to relax and have a good week-end - you DESERVE it - you do so much for so many of us.

    much love and light, dear friend, XOXOXOX



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