Friday, November 22, 2013


There are so many comments so graciously left on previous posts.  I've begun to reply to each of them and then, I get caught up in something and it falls off the radar.  Not that it's unimportant, it's just that something else somehow lands on the crisis pile.  Mind you, by crisis, it may mean that my bills were neglected, yet again which could result in the electricity being turned off.  Or, it could be two pieces of registered mail that I forgot to pick up resulting in a scramble of calls because the "deadline" in at least one of those letters was 5PM on the day I actually retrieved the mail (at 4:30PM).  Yes, I'm my own best friend and my own worst enemy all rolled into one.

Once again, I find myself in a THANK YOU ALL for each and every one of the beautiful comments and words of support that were left on the recent blog posts.  Yes, I read each and every one of them.  The words mean the world to me.

I'm feeling very disconnected from everything but it's undoubtedly due to the piles of crap all around me.  Along with the heartaches of a few people who are close to me and the fears of a few others over looming tests....  it disorients me.  On top of that, my health insurance carrier decided it would be a good idea to revamp their entire product effective January 1 which means, effective December 10, I have to arrange for alternate coverage with a new carrier.

Sidebar:  This is a small group policy and while I know very little about the ACA (aka Obamacare), what I do know is that a somewhat comparable policy to what is being cancelled is going to cost approximately $900.00 a month.  For a single.  If I choose a less expensive option, I am still going to be paying about 7K per year to the insurance company and the first 3K in medical bills, including medications will come out of my pocket.  Between my follow ups, my monthly medications and routine gyn visit, I will be paying 10K before the insurance company pays 10 CENTS.  Since I don't know enough about the whole thing despite the fact the clock is ticking, I'm not going to mouth off except to say, 10K is NOT affordable.  My broker is working diligently to get me information but he's akin to a blindfolded boxer with one hand tied behind his back.  This stuff is a mess.  A Big Mess.  And that's not a political statement, it's just what it is.  Disorganized and considering these deadlines didn't just jump out of nowhere, I'm a tad irritated.  The cart is before the horse in some of this but I'll leave all of that for another day and for someone who has a better grasp on the matter.

On to MUCH more helpful things on the medical front.  I'm going to close out the week by suggesting that everyone JOIN Medivizor.  First, again, manners.  Tal and Ronen, the CEO and COO of Medivizor were in NYC last week.  I met them for dinner which was an absolute delight.  Might have been a good idea for one of us to grab a cell phone and snap a selfie.....

Don't know about Medivizor?  This was the blog I wrote when the site was in early adopter mode.  It has undergone at least a dozen improvements and I thought it was perfect when I first joined.  It's continued to get better.

The information is reliable.  The journals where the research is obtained is cited.  An easily understood synopsis is provided with all of the important points included in the outline.  You can send articles of interest directly to twitter, write notes, provide feedback to the Medivizor team or even start a discussion about an article.

In the spirit of the season, Medivizor will be donating $1.00 to METAvivor for each breast cancer sign up between now and the end of the year.  They have selected one charity for breast cancer and their chosen charity is METAvivor.  As many already know, METAvivor is all volunteer and every penny of every donation is used to fund research that specifically targets those patients living with metastatic disease.  Every dollar will make a big difference so I hope you join if you haven't done so and absolutely SHARE with everyone!

For my buddies in the lung cancer community, I know you had a robust chat last night (which I missed because of a phone interruption....) and I **think** there was discussion about getting information and making sure it was reliable.  Trust me, Medivizor is for you, too.

You won't be sorry.... plus, my picture is on their website.  Because I love it that much.

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  1. Hi AnneMarie - I signed up about two months ago for the organisation. It is good to hear they are going to support METAvivor. ~Catherine


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