Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It's World Cancer Day.  That will take you to the official site.  This year's buzz:

Not Beyond Us
The focus is on five key points:

  • Positive and proactive approach, highlighting solutions do exist and are within our reach
  • Making healthy life choices to reduce risk
  • Ensuring availability and access to early detection programs in all countries
  • Rights of all to access quality and effective treatment regardless of geographic locale and without causing economic hardship
  • Addressing full emotional, mental and physical impact of cancer on patients, families and caregivers to maximize quality of life for all
Lofty, indeed.  If we work together, if we stop duplication of efforts across all areas we can achieve these goals.  It should not be a competition among support groups or researchers to be the alpha dog.

The competition IS the collective effort of every one of us against the diseases that are cancer.

Have time at between noon and 2PM Eastern Time?  Join a twitter chat using the hashtag #FightWorldCancer.  Hope to see you there!


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