Thursday, October 1, 2015


I swore I was going to have my 31 days of facts about metastatic breast cancer prepared and would be posting a fact a day.

I have been a bit busy doing some rather important things for metastatic breast cancer research, behind the scenes by choice but I will share in the upcoming days.

So, this blog, this month may be barren on days, may have facts on days and may point out things that hurt me, just a little. Today, I'm a little hurt for someone.

Today is also the culmination of a lot of very hard work by a group of very dedicated researchers, brilliant minds whose focus on treating the already metastasized patient. Not preventing mets (very important to me), not preventing breast cancer (very important to my family members some of whom are in a 55% risk category despite no known BRCA mutation-one of whom will be an operating room days from now for the third time for an issue in the same breast) but directly impacting the lives whose needs are most urgent (like my mom). Stopping death, transitioning metastatic breast cancer from a deadly illness to a chronic, manageable condition while preserving quality of life.

Yes, today, 110 people will die of breast cancer in this country alone. Off the top of my head, I don't know the global number but according to the World Health Organization, over half a million lives were stolen by this disease in 2011.

If it wasn't a bit sad, it would be an "it figures" moment that I should awaken the morning and the first thing I see upon opening my eyes is this. Three texts on my phone from my son who is traveling with his girlfriend. I presumed there was a flight issue. I'm generally the "go to" person when anyone is stuck in an airport. But no. That wasn't the purpose of the text.

It simply said: "Blasting music at the gate" below this picture. Considering his girlfriend's mom is one of those whose lives was cut short by metastatic breast cancer just two years ago, I have to wonder how SHE was feeling with the blasting music and the festive atmosphere as this was on display. And THAT is why, today I'm a little hurt for someone. Someone left behind who watched the horrors of the reality of losing a mom, from a first row seat.

I just question the need for the expense associated with painting that ribbon on this jet. Aren't there underserved women who might have been helped? We're aware. In a NYC area airport, WE Are Aware. And in NYC, there are plenty of women in need of services, too.

It's time for some action, and it doesn't have to involve ribbons and pink paint.

I'm not sitting in judgement. I'm just being a Mama Bear protecting my cubs and those who are dear to them.

She's hurting and on day one of her vacation, she's reminded of an anniversary day she struggled through, just a few short weeks ago.

It's not a party.

Let's be mindful of everyone affected by this.


I'm just sayin'

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  1. *sigh* Another, very large & essentially meaningless pink ribbon. On a plane. As if that is going to change anything. Pinktober is insane. I think I've entirely lost my sense of humor this year. Pinktober seems like a complete obstruction of what is important, what we should truly be 'aware' of.

    So proud of all you have been doing. It matters. Love you, my friend. Keep on rocking it.

    xoxo, Kathi


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