Monday, January 22, 2018

Help us build @CancerBase - MBC patients - We need YOU!

I just put the information below on Facebook. CancerBase, by patients and for patients, wants to make sure it is built using the real world needs OF PATIENTS.

To best achieve this, the initial focus will be on the metastatic breast cancer community. We would like to speak directly with a small number patients. The purpose is not to identify specific information about anyone's individual disease. We are assessing needs. The calls will be private (in other words, it's not a group of patients - they will be one on one).

My interest in this project is deeply embedded in my heart and soul. You see, when this project was first launched at the initial Cancer Moonshot, six of us were "ready to light up the world." The team has since grown, exponentially.

Of those original six, four of us were patients.

I do this in memory of Sonja Durham (May), Lori Marx-Rubiner (August), and Jack Whelan (November). They were all stolen from us in a span of six months in 2017. I wish to carry their legacy forward and I hope you will consider sharing this with those who may be willing and able to help in this information gathering process.

With a grateful heart,



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