In no particular order.... I started doing alphabetically, but that was a bit lofty for a chemobrain.... Please DO let me know if I'm missing YOUR favorite.

They are grouped.... The first ones are those for whom we are Fearless Friends....
The second group is a list of those whose lives were taken from us.....
Group three..... the people who are like me-sharing from their hearts
Group four.........are blogs and sites that ALWAYS provide us with meaningful information about treatment
Group five...... People who make me laugh or make me think - mostly about things unrelated to cancer

Sarcastic Boob Scorchy
Jenny Putting the GRRRR in Grimes
But Doctor I Hate Pink
Deb Thomas
I Hate Breast Cancer
Kel: Surviving Beautifully
Mourning Has Broken Jan
Kate Has Cancer
Telling Knots-Not Telling
Vicki Living With Cancer
After Cancer Cougar, Patti
Booby and the Beast, Jennifer Campisano
Bumpy Boobs Catherine
Malignant Ginger

Cancer Culture Chronicles Rachel Moro
Get Out Gertrude Jenny Williams
Toddler Planet Susan Neibur
Donna Peach Dances With Pens
Bridget My Big Girl Pants
Keep The Calm Jen
Jen Smith, Living Legendary
Pink Goose Acacia Warwick
Dirty Pink Underbelly, Shelli
Surviving Survivorship, Cindy Graeff
Lisa Quintana
Sticky Vicki
Lisa Bonchek Adams
Suzanne's IBC Blog (French)
Stage IV Traveling Pants
Tami Miracle Survivors
Carolyn's Art of Breast Cancer

Entering a World of Pink (Top spot--Oliver reminds us Breast Cancer: It's not just for women)
Accidental Amazon
A Fresh Chapter
Alli: Life In Transition
The Cancer Couch
Nancy's Point
The Furious Amazon (Italian)
Pink Underbelly Nancy
Renn's Big C and Me
Ashley Blair Doyle
Lovely Katie Lumps
Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer
Cancer Curmudgeon
Bringing Up Goliath Stacey
Caroline's BC Blog
Jody's Women With Cancer
Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer
1 Up On Cancer Rachel Pappas
Second Base Dispatch
Feisty Blue Gecko
Stay in the Pink Jamie
Paw Paw Salad
Time To Consider The Lilies Yvonne
Double Whammied Diane
Ginny's Lemon Drop Pie
It's the Bunk
Nobody Has Ovarian Cancer
Andrea's Blog
Sharon Chayra
Lisa Valentine Habitual Gratitude
Beth Gainer
Burning Brightly Linnea
Susan A4BC
Cancer Free 2 Be Lisa
After Five Years Lauren
Pink Birdie
Breast Cancer Sisterhood Brenda
Brandie 1000 Stitches
Zoe Jeavons
She Still Dreams In Color
Perks of Cancer
Babies or Not
Jen Dinoia
Sue's Escape From Cancerland
In The Heart of Kansas
Breast Cancer Husband Jason
Rob Cares
Robyn Most of Me
Becki's Blog Bone Cancer
Lara Get Up Swinging
Searching For EMWA
The Reluctant Survivor
My Left Breast
Tata Wars (She's a Jedi!)
The small c
Beverly McKee Breast Cancer Warrior
Beauty Through The Beast

My Heart Your Hands
Dr Susan Love Research Foundation
1 Up On Cancer Rachel Pappas
Pink Ribbon Blues
Faster Cures
Breast Cancer Action
Idelle Davidson Your Brain After Chemo
Elaine Schattner
Mighty Casey
Deadline2020 NBCC
Diplomat Pharmacy
No Boobs About It, Jean Campbell
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer & Working Out Cancer
Disruptive Women
Empowered Doctor

People I Want to Punch in the Throat
Bitches In The Burbs


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    1. Giant hugs.... I usually read yours via G+ !!!

      There are many that I read and have failed to copy here....


  2. Oooh. thanks for listing mine too!
    Lisa Quintana

  3. I hope you don't mind I put your blog details on my recommended website list. X

  4. Thanks for adding my blog, AnneMarie! This is a great list, and I'm honored to be part of it. XO

  5. I would love for you to look and add my blog... and I hope it is ok that I linked to yours! Thanks - Amy

    1. Happy to share your blog here! Thanks, Amy!!

  6. I have lost so many loved ones to Cancer, I linked to your blog I hope that is ok...I am always praying for a cure...Edie

  7. Can you share my blog please?
    Great list, I'm checking out all the cancer sisters out there!


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