Thursday, August 11, 2011


My intention for today was to elaborate on a word I threw into yesterday's entry:
I think that is a pretty clever way to describe the ingenious ideas I have found to help me work around and through some of the things that have become challenges in my life.  The word itself is ingenious.  Unsolution.

That’s sort of self absorbed and I don’t really like self absorbed people.  I would feel a hell of a lot better if someone ELSE told me, “Wow, AnneMarie, what an ingenious word!”  Can I lie and say someone else complimented my “ingenuity?”  Any person will do, I’m just trying to be a bit humble.   That won’t work since I don’t like people who lie.  Are all lies necessarily bad lies?  That is definitely a topic for a philosophy class and I do not have the head for a debate with myself about the pecking order of lies.

Quite a conundrum for me; Sophie’s choice?  I will appear to be self-absorbed or I will be telling a lie.  Why can’t I just let it go, forget my giddiness about “Unsolution” and let people make their own decision.   Simply stated, the OCD component is flaring up, hence, I can’t let it go because suppose the “UN” (not the United Nations, the un at the beginning of my word) is presumed to be a typo.  Or, suppose, like I so often do, the word is glanced right over.  My stupid obsession is to make sure EVERYONE who happens to glance at this page, grasps the word and understands the reasons for its use in my AD vocabulary.

Really, the unsolution is a moot point.  Why?  Every single challenge that I SEEM to have mastered with an unsolution is unraveling.  Work around solutions (I mean, my unsolutions….. I can see it’s going to take time to fully implement the use of this word) are losing their effectiveness.

My good old Yankee ingenuity with these great ideas is creating more chaos.  I might even be inclined to say it’s starting to wreak havoc in too many areas.  The “events” are being put in my phone but the information is inaccurate.  The post it notes about the hose in the pool?  Ignored.  Did I remember to lower the water the next day so it was at an acceptable level?  NO.  Did a black cloud open up right over my home adding too many inches of water into the pool?  Yes to the water (and, for that matter, yes to the black cloud that has long since worn out its welcome in the sky above my home).  Did I go outside to drain some of the water and in the lousy sixty seconds it took me to start this process did the steady rain turn into a torrential downpour?  Of COURSE it did.

But, last night my unsolution worked!  I have a remote control for my filter.  I had it right by my side.  I could see the water level and when it looked okay, I hit the remote to shut everything down.  Well, A-M-E-N, sista!

This morning, I remembered the OTHER reason I had the remote by my side all evening.  The filter goes on automatically and today was no different than any other day.  Like clockwork (actually, it IS clockwork), 9AM this morning, the cycle began..... and when I saw that big blue, you can see it from the other room remote, I ran outside like a mad woman to adjust that stupid valve because, oh never mind, I just can’t wait to see the water bill this month.  

As for Yankee ingenuity, THIS is Yankee ingenuity:

The New York Yankees and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have joined together to support the Center's programs in pediatric patient care

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