Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween and Thank HEAVEN for the disappearance of the pink ribbon.

Starting tomorrow, we will be directed to be aware of other things.  Things that NONE of us will ever learn are noteworthy during the month of November.  A peek at one website talks about November awareness for veterans, adoption, diabetes, alzheimers, lung, pancreatic and prostate cancer and caregivers.  That's not even a complete list. Whew.

I do want to close out this final day in October reminding everyone that there is much work to be done.  The only thing we are aware of is that October means races and pink ribbons.  These are the words of someone I "met" on twitter:

It's time to change awareness to education and ribbons to research.

This same person brought something else to my attention.  I have been trying to keep the conversation going on behalf of those with metastatic breast cancer.  She posted one of my tweets to a Facebook page:

"Metastatic breast cancer can occur ANY time after original diagnosis, EVEN if initially Stage 0, I, II or III"

The post caused "outrage" and her entries were deleted.  In addition, she was accused of spreading untruths.  Since she doesn't know I am writing this blog, I will leave her anonymous unless she consents to being "outed."

When I got the name of the Facebook page, I posted a note and then put up a second post with a link to one of the Metastatic Breast Cancer organizations.  Another blogger also added a very kindly worded post on the Facebook page with a link to her letter written to Komen about funding for research of metastatic breast cancer.

One of my posts is still on the FB page.  Any other entries with links to PROVE the accuracy of that statement have been deleted.  This "dust up" all occurred on the Facebook page of a UK Television Show called "Loose Women."  Go find them on FB.  The page is open to all.  Better yet, google it.  The first sentence in Wiki says:

It consists of a panel of four women who are brainless....

That would ordinarily make me laugh.  Except, they have an audience and their audience was so busy applauding one of the "brainless women" for having a mammogram on the air, they weren't interested in the reality of the disease called Breast Cancer.  

It bugs me when people who are IN THE POSITION to teach, to educate, to shine light on the facts choose to make believe the facts are lies.  This goes beyond doing a disservice to the women who apparently adore this bunch.  There are times when we can be helpful, there are times when we can be neither helpful nor harmful and then There Is This.

This is when harm is done.  And I can't sit back and watch false information even lead ONE woman to believe she is safe because the "brainless women" said so.  I happen to be very fond of a young mom whom I've known for more than half of her life.  She lives in London.  She has three young sons.  And she has breast cancer.  So, I sent a tweet to someone who might have some influence in the UK.  We'll see what happens.  In the meantime, in the words of one of another tweep (and as soon as I remember who said this, I will give them proper credit because I can't claim these words as mine):

You Can't Fix Stupid.

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