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I am a yoga enthusiast.  I love the breathing, the poses, the stretching and I love that my very excellent yoga instructor and I have conversations before beginning our sessions.  She encourages me.  She teaches me about the true meaning of Being Aware.  She shows me how to listen to my soul.  She helps me push aside the static so I can focus on who I want to be and how I want to live my life.

Rhinebeck is a magical town north of NYC.  It's an old and charming town on the Hudson River.  It was the venue for Chelsea Clinton's wedding (kudos to whomever made the choice, by the way).  It happens to be the first place I ran away for a weekend with the man who would become my husband.  Rhinebeck.  I have such fond memories of that weekend.  I think I need to reconnect with my Inner Rhinebeck as I explore my marital future.  See.... that was an example of ignoring the static and listening to my soul.....  AND being aware...  That isn't my point though.  That is yet one more example of my chemobrain connecting dots in ways that make sense ONLY TO ME... and I toss the thoughts out there, AS IF they actually matter to anyone else.  More ways to laugh at that new normal thing....  

Rhinebeck... Ah yes, RHINEBECK.  The home of Omega Institute where they have amazing seminars with brilliant people leading and facilitating the retreats.  Anyone who embraces "Zen" refers to Omega with reverence that I can't even explain.  Just talk to anyone "in the know" and then "you will know" exactly what I mean by that... the reverence thing.  You will hear a hushed tone and see a serene look in their eyes.  You will get a peek into their soul.  Trust me.  It happened more than once when I said "Omega"  ....  and it wasn't in the context of The Greek Alphabet and hearing about a story from a sorority sister or a frat boy who belongs to "greek letter-omega-greek letter" or "omega-greek letter-greek letter" or ..... ok..nevermind, you get the point.... sometimes, my brain has a mind of its own.... (as noted in the blog footer..... check it later.... that's not important either.... )  Oh, and for the record?  I do not belong to a sorority but if anyone does, can you get your group on board with the Army of Women Save Your Sister initiative?

WHERE IS THE POINT?  I may sure as hell be aware, but I am equally NOT focused.  I'm AWARE I'm not FOCUSED.  That counts.  It doesn't help.  But, it counts.   

I found this in my inbox and it's worth sharing.  It's a timely message and I needed a reminder.  Well timed email.  Thank you Omega!  Next season, I WILL attend one of their seminars.  This, however is too good to keep to myself.

Are there any of the six suggestions that speak to you?

Me.  I can embrace every one of them.  And, I think I'm going to make this year The Year.  The year to Stop The Madness..... and now, from my inbox to your monitors via Omega eNews.  OH.  *Anew Direction*  ????  You can read my old musings/rantings or, if I remember, I'll explain *Another Day* ....

In its entirety, take it away Omega..... and Panache Desai...... 

Six Ways to Be Present During the Holidays

by Panache Desai

Panache Desai
Panache Desai is an inspirational visionary and contemporary spiritual master whose gift of vibrational transformation has drawn tens of thousands of people from all over the world. He is teaching Presence in Paradise at Omega Costa Rica, February 4–11, 2012, and Divine Love: Accessing Your Unlimited Potential at Omega's Rhinebeck campus, May 18–20, 2012.

Are you one of those people who rush around this time of year with a very long to-do list, checking it twice to ensure that no one is forgotten? Are you caught up in marathon decorating because that's the way your friends or relatives create a festive holiday? Do you feel pressured to compete in a rat-race of holiday doing that leaves you short-tempered, depressed, at odds with loved ones, or, at the end of it all, simply exhausted?

As conscious beings, we can opt out of the holiday hoopla and focus instead on creating heart-centered connections, genuine celebrations, and updated traditions that reflect our authentic soul signature—that space of internal harmony and resonance. As infinite vibrational beings, we are capable of infusing everyone and everything around us with our presence, which is the greatest gift we could ever give.

Here are six suggestions for infusing your holiday season with authentic presence.

1. Breathe and Surrender to What Is
Our expectations of what this season should look like are a guaranteed recipe for disappointment. Rather than fighting what is, simply breathe deeply and surrender to what is unfolding. As we flow with each event as it arises, we minimize the vibrational blockages that are created within us, blockages that are the foundation of all disharmony and “dis-ease.” Let go of judgment. Laugh when things go awry. When you are gentle with yourself, you naturally become gentle with everyone in your life.

2. Allow Gratitude to Be Your Constant Companion
The glass is never half-empty; it's always full and overflowing. Life is constantly changing. Families grow and shift. Traditions evolve. Perceived setbacks and challenges move us into new opportunities for growth and a chance to rediscover what is really important. Our self-worth is not tied to the number of gifts we give, our employment status, or our personal relationships. This holiday season, allow gratitude to fill your heart even for the smallest blessings. Each morning for the rest of the holidays, stop and consider everything that is right with life rather than what doesn't meet expectations—and your perception, attitude, and outlook will shift miraculously.

3. Help Others and Move Beyond Your Own Story
When we help others, we help ourselves. The fastest way to gain perspective and feel better about what is going on within our own lives is to help others. Extend your love and time to those in need. Be present with someone who has no one to share with. There is no greater satisfaction than helping a stranger. Be conscious of what is transpiring around you. You may be surprised at how many times you have the opportunity to give and grow. Remain connected to your heart and give that which has greater intrinsic value than the most expensive of trinkets. There exists an individual “out there” whose life will be inexorably changed because of your presence.

4. Give the Gift of Time
Consider giving the nontraditional gift of your time. Exchange time spent in long holiday shopping lines and instead spend that time connecting with someone. Pick up the phone and have a heart-felt conversation. Step away from the computer and pen a real note of love and gratitude. Make time to have tea or hot cider, or take home-cooked treats to someone who doesn't get out often. Offer to watch a friend's children so that he or she may have a few uninterrupted hours completely to themselves to rest and renew. Spend an evening with your own children—without the distraction of television and computers. Talk to your family as you prepare a meal together. Play an old-fashioned game. Hug your children and let them know how treasured they are in your life. Each person who receives the gift of your attention, open heart, and genuine insight will be touched by the gift of you.

5. Take Care of Yourself
When you give too much of yourself, at the expense of your well-being, you eventually pay a costly price. Before your reserves are empty, make some healthy choices. Prioritize what really needs to be done for the holidays and put your needs at the top of the list. Go outside for some sun and fresh air and move your body. Eat one holiday treat rather than the entire plate. Get to bed early. Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of stress and depression while getting enough shut-eye is the best prescription for feeling relaxed, looking great, and appreciating all that life has to offer in this moment. When you are well cared for, you are able to give much more to others.

6. Connect to Universal Presence
We're not suffering from a lack of things; we're suffering due to a lack of awareness of the divine presence in our lives. God, Universal Presence, the Divine, or whatever name feels right to you, is always right here, right now. Therefore, in each moment, you can access the fullness and perfection that you are, regardless of what is going on outside of you. In any given moment, you can return to the ever-present truth of the here and now, and discover that this moment is perfect and sacred just as it is. Take a moment to connect with your own presence. Receive the love, abundance, and support that are yours. After all, you are a vibrational being with infinite potential and every interaction leads you into a greater expression of your true self.


  1. I really like this post. Every year I say to myself I will stop the December madness. Since cancer, I think I have at least significantly pared down my "madness." In fact, I know I have. It's a process, too, I think, this learning to cut back. Anyway, my favorite on the list is number one. Surrender to what is, because that's all we really have anyway isn't it?

  2. Words I needed to hear. Cross my heart, I exhale to breathe the synergy, of a very Johnny on The Spot Universal Presence. Thank you for playing your parts.


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