Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is important stuff.  When I publicly decided the words I would use to guide me through 2012 would be Calm, Centered and Rebellious, it seemed somewhat oxymoronic.  Can I be calm AND be rebellious at the same time?  Seems that I am doing my typical compulsive, shoot from the hip, knee jerk response but that's really not who I am.

I am a thinker.  Well, I WAS a thinker.  Now?  I grasp at concepts and I know they make sense.  Explaining them?  Not Happenin' ......  the stars need to be in perfect alignment, the planets may have to stop moving and maybe, JUST maybe, I'll be capable of an explanation that may actually make sense to the person who is not living in my brain.

Recently, I added that countdown clock to the top of this page.  That is a deadline.  It has been set by The National Breast Cancer Coalition.  They are brains behind the Deadline to End Breast Cancer and they are working from many different angles.  Always many paths to the top of the mountain.  The thing is, no one has been on those paths.  Indeed, no one has really been near the mountain.  In a most ingenious fashion, NBCC decided the best approach would be to take the mountain to the hikers.  They did the hard work and got a bill introduced in congress which is officially known as HR3067 Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act.

We need the support of everyone.  First, SIGN the petition to the president.  Then and MORE importantly, contact your local representative and request (s)he support this bill.  Currently, there are 89 sponsors.  Hopefully, that number will be higher when you hit the link.  Use this link to send a message to your representative.  The only thing you need to do is fill out your information.  NBCC will make sure the message gets to the proper representative by using your address to identify him or her.

You think you can't make a difference?  I felt EXACTLY the same way at the end of November when I sent a message to Peter King.  At the time, there were only three or four supporters in all of NYS.  I requested his support and asked if he would be kind enough to get some of his fellow Long Islander's to sign on.  Less than a month later, NY had at least double the number of supporters.

It will take you less than five minutes to click on those links.  This is grassroots.  This is the way things get started.  This is the way things get done.  Enough people need to make lots and lots of noise.  It's time.  There are plenty of other "tools" in the NBCC action kit but for now, doing those two small things can make a big difference.  I'll be back to bother you for something else some time in the near future.  First, however, we need 100% support for this bill.

The mountain has been moved and the hikers are all standing around at base camp.  They gotta get on the paths.  It's up to us to push them.  It's a BIG election year.  There are enough people touched by breast cancer.  Enough with the pink ribbon already.  Make some noise.  Share the link to that page with everyone and anyone.  It was thrilling to see Pete King's name appear when I checked that list within weeks of my email. I'm claiming the credit for his signature.......

And, when I am in attendance at the newly named NBCC Advocate Summit in Washington DC on May 5th through May 8th, I plan on going right to his office to say a personal thank you.


  1. Done. So glad you're making waves!

  2. Done. So glad you're making waves!

  3. Keep up the good work. My wife is a big supporter of this, too, on her blog.

  4. AnneMarie,

    I wonder if they know about Eva Schernhammer's work at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. She's an epidemiologist who found that higher melatonin levels measured in a woman's first morning urine sample were associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. Her team also associated years of rotating night-shift work with an increased risk of breast cancer and colorectal cancer in women. They may already know about the study but in case they don't, here's the citation: E. Schernhammer, et al., "Night-Shift Work and Risk of Colorectal Cancer in the Nurses' Health Study," Journal of the National Cancer Institute 95 (2003): 825-828.

  5. Thanks, Shera.... and you too KPEF..... I do follow your wife on twitter! And Idelle.... I'm going to forward the study info to AOW. I always get the competitive/proprietary sense with so much of the research. Information seems to be too scattered. Obviously, that is not a scientifically researched statement on my part, but it's just the way I feel.... Thanks for the info!!


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