Sunday, January 1, 2012


I was not going to post anything today but the world lost a very special man last night.  A man whose life was cut short WAY too soon.  A man with a beautiful wife and child.  His name was Dave Hodgson and I came to know him through twitter.

There is a worldwide twitter community grieving his loss and there are tears flooding my keyboard for a man with whom I never spoke-it was just 140 characters or less and he had impact on more people than we will ever know.

This interview was in a UK newspaper just weeks ago.  There are photos on his twitter account @Dave_Hodgson from his Christmas celebration.  Christmas with his family was a goal attained.  New Year's was likely the next goal.  It was not to be.

Please remember Dave in your thoughts.  To any family, loved ones or friends who might have stumbled upon this post, I don't know how I can possible express my sorrow.

I wanted to add this link from another blog. Just one of many that I am sure will be popping up over the next few days......


  1. Who would have thought we could tell so much about a person by 140 characters? It speaks well of him as a man, and you as a friend, that you came to respect and care about.

    I hope things are settling down a bit in your life. Here's to new beginnings:)


  2. I think the article about Dave Hodgson, and another about his wife, six months after his death, can be found here:

    1. Thank you Vicki. I just read the posts. Dave was so special. He left a gaping hole when he was taken.


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