Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The other day, I got an email from my mom.  One of her neighbors forwarded it to her, she forwarded it to me.  The young woman who initiated the email is a Stage IV breast cancer patient.  She has been on Doxil and she needs properly timed, appropriately dosed continuation of the medication, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

I will let Tiff speak for herself.  If I was pissed off yesterday about the presumption we are in control of whether or not we develop breast cancer, I can tell you I am positively IRATE about THIS.

When I began to blog, I stumbled over some information regarding the drug shortages and it was the topic of my blog on August 19.  Three months later, the shortages were front and center again and up went another blog on November 16.  I guess this is the running theme.  It reaches a bit of a fever pitch every three months?

Last week, I was preoccupied but I do recall seeing an impending gloom and doom headline about methotrexate.  I went back to those prior blogs posts to refresh my memory.  In this case, it didn't need refreshing.  It was as I remembered. Methotrexate and Fluorouracil.  Two of the three chemotherapy agents used in my CMF cocktail were on the shortage list six months ago and that is where they remain today.  Each of those drugs is used to treat several types of cancer.

Didn't I read that an executive order was signed with regard to this mess?  THAT question did require a google detour. While I was aware the order was signed, I was not aware of its contents.  You can read it for yourself, I'm just going to do that which I detest.  I'm pulling a soundbite.

"Public officials praised the White House for raising public awareness about the problem."

The executive order was signed on October 31.  There was a crisis of sufficient measure to trigger the issuance of this order.  I do not know what can or should be done to fix this problem.  I'm not looking for political commentary.

I see an ongoing theme.  Raising awareness without the immediate commencement of an actual PLAN to do something seems to render the awareness raising useless.  In some cases, I suppose an argument could be made that the awareness actually HURTS the situation.  When I hear something beginning to sound like a broken record, my brain shuts off and my ears no longer hear words.  Instead, I hear WAH WAH WAH.

Awareness didn't seem to do anything to avert this drug crisis and the onslaught of awareness most certainly has not brought us any closer to determining the cause of breast cancer.  I don't really know what the hell has been going on since we began raising awareness but ACTION is the answer.  Doing the RIGHT research is the answer.

I am sure many cancer patients who are presently in active treatment (and their loved ones) are terrified the medication they need may not be available in the necessary timeframe.  Had we taken ACTION to find the cause, never mind.... I know your eyes are doing the equivalent of WAH WAH WAH.  You already know my gig.

SOOOO?  Did you join yet?  "Liking" the Facebook page doesn't mean you joined.  If you didn't fill out THIS FORM, you aren't in the database. 


  1. The title of your post says it all. And yes, I did join. Thank you for your continuing passion! You are a force to be reckoned with my friend.

    1. Nancy,
      Thank YOU for continuing to encourage me. I know I would keep shining a light into the darkness because I seem to have reactivated the "That's just not right" gene..... but knowing I have friends like YOU validating some of this stuff just makes me that much more determined. I know that one person can't change the world but together...... we sure can make a difference.

  2. The more I learn about the Army of Women, as well as Dr Susan Love, the more I think they're on the right track. Prevention. We're all tired of the AWARENESS $#!&, and after attending the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium for three years in a row, even the researchers aren't encouraged about their search for a cure. Yes, everyone register with the Avon Army of Women.


    1. Brenda,
      Chilling words, "even the researchers aren't encouraged....." The minute I understood what AOW was all about, I knew that was the right track. As for Dr. Love..... Her credentials speak for themselves..... Any breaking news on breast cancer and every national media outlet is calling upon her for an opinion. She is brilliant! Spread the word.....We just need to get all women of all ages to enroll in the data base. The researchers need women, we need researchers. The Army of Women initiative is just putting us in touch with each other.

      ps-those hugs and kisses are for you, too, Nancy!

  3. It must be so terrifying to be directly affected by those drug shortages. I can't imagine! Thanks for your passion and enthusiasm, AnneMarie! I only wish there were more of you out there. ;)

  4. GM...
    What was so weird about this whole thing? I got the email from my mom. Later on in the day, I saw someone send a tweet..... I "know" her because of a mutual Livestrong friend in TEXAS. I see something about help Tiff.... Came from out of left field-the connection.... The internet, blogging, twitter, Facebook.... our world is so small and we are better because of it..... So many friendships that would never have happened. Makes me smile. And reading this from you makes me smile, too. Seems I like making noise for some reason.. :)