Monday, February 6, 2012


I got nothing.  I have about five different entries half written and for now, I got nothing.

I am exceptionally GLAD that PINK was overtaken by Big Blue yesterday.  Maybe you aren't a sports fan or maybe you don't know that the NY Giants whose stadium is in New Jersey and shared by the NY Jets are known as Big Blue.  (The Jets?  Gang Green.  In case anyone really cares)

I am tired of thinking about Nancy Brinker and Komen and the fact that I believe their big announcement is nothing but smoke and mirrors in a lame attempt to rehabilitate The Brand.  I'm thrilled that Pink, at least in this neck of the woods, isn't even on the radar screen.  We are awash in Blue.  The Empire State Building is illuminated brightly.  Bright and BLUE.

I am going to continue to bask in the glow of an exciting football game.  And, it really was a great game.  I am going to check You Tube to see all of the commercials I missed.  Wasn't at all impressed with Madonna.  She looks fabulous but I'm skeptical about the singing.  Looked like lots of lip syncing.  I'll have to hunt around and get the 411 on that situation.

And life will return to normal tomorrow.  For today, however, we interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast......


  1. AnneMarie,

    I agree that blue was the great color yesterday. I am from NY originally and am a Giants fan. What an exciting 4th quarter. My brother is in NY so I do visit from time to time. I miss the Empire State Building, and it sounds pretty all decked with blue.

    Yeah, Komen made itself look worse by first refusing to fund Planned Parenthood and then changing its mind. What dopes!

    1. And next time you visit your brother, we have a date for drinks! Exciting right to the last second...... I watched Jimmy Fallon and I was laughing when he had three of the players on the show. One of them said that last ball which was Hail Mary'd into the end zone by Brady was "in the air for like eleven hours." My biggest issue. I have a meeting in Manhattan tomorrow. Realized that at some point last night...... and the last time anyone should be commuting into the city is the day of a ticker tape parade.

      Komen? The way I see THAT, they did us a favor. Now most of the pink donating world realizes what we already knew...... Donate Directly to the charity from which the money goes straight to the researchers or into the community. CUT out the MIDDLE Man!!!

  2. I completely agreee re: Komen and said as much yesterday. Hope you don't mind, put in a plug for your blog.


    1. Thanks for the plug! And now, it's time to mourn the loss of Rachel.....

  3. AM just got caught up with your posts and find we felt similarly this AM. Same wave length, as always. {{{hugs}}}

  4. Big hugs to you, too Renn. 2012 is not off to what I might call a smooth start...... Two deaths in little more than a week and SGK NATIONAL acting in such a disgraceful fashion..... In a very low moment, my friend who died last week sent me a text (because yes, I did torture myself by rereading every single text...) .... "You are a warrior and an inspiration. It's all up from here." ... I cry every time I read that.



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