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What follows below is my birthday gift to Terri who is presently in Africa.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  Maybe you can help.  I work from home and I generally wear my yoga pants because yes, those Beyond Yoga pants are just THAT comfy and I am not embarrassed if the UPS guy happens to deliver a package or I have to run an emergency errand.


Back to Terri, she needs a bit of help so I'm throwing my blog page to her for today.  If you do choose to participate in the festivities, click the link to get back to Terri's Blog.

Meantime......If you are in NYC and anywhere near the Millennium Hotel between 5 and 8PM, pop in and say hi.  I'll be on the 8th floor with two of my Army of Women pals.  OK... here's Terri.....  

Will You Wear Jeans on March 22nd?

I need your help and I have to keep this quick because I’ve arrived in Gisenyi, Rwanda and Internet is a precious commodity (along with electricity and running water).

On Thursday, March 22nd, I become old (well, old enough to think about how different I thought my life would be at 33). But, I’m not complaining. I get spend my birthday with the most beautiful group of babies and toddlers you could imagine (aside from your own, of course). Within 5 minutes today at the Noel Orphanage, I had already crashed into love 4 times. I don’t want to think about the super human strength it will take to pry myself away from these children in 2 weeks.
But, back to wearing jeans…
I am incredibly grateful to all of you for helping me reach 62% of the total funds needed for thisAdventure of Hope. Your support continues to inspire me and helps me push through the tougher moments of lost luggage, stolen iPhones, and cold bucket “showers”.
Yes, we still have a long way to go ($12,680) to fund the rest of this trip. But, instead of thinking about that overwhelming (pass me the paper bag so I can hyperventilate into it) figure, I would rather focus on one just one piece of the journey.
As a little birthday present to me, (yes, I’m breaking my rule of never asking for birthday gifts), would you consider organizing a Jeans Day at your office on March 22? If everyone who wore jeans could contribute $5-10, you could help me cover the cost of my hotel in Dar Es Salaam for 4 nights (and who doesn’t want to wear jeans on a Thursday?)
My time in Tanzania is not sponsored by a volunteer partner, but my new friend Carolyn Taylor of Global Focus on Cancer has introduced me to one of the four oncologists in the entire country and this wonderful doctor has invited me to come and volunteer with her. Yes, Tanzania only has a total of four oncologists and yes, I can’t pass up this opportunity to volunteer at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute – to meet fellow survivors and hopefully help them feel a little less alone, and to spend time playing with children who are fighting their own battles with cancer.
Traveling to the capital city of Tanzania by myself scares the pants off of me. So, I figure the best way to make sure I’m secure is to stay in a higher end property.  I am researching my options and searching for last minute deals, but right now, it looks like my four nights will cost me in the neighbourhood of $750-1000.
So….will you wear jeans on March 22nd to keep me safe in Dar es Salaam? Just copy and paste the text below into an email to your boss or your colleagues and then use the CLOUDCircles box to the right to contribute the money you raised from your team. The great news is that if you raise at least $25 and donate before midnight on March 22nd and then leave a comment HERE, you will be entered to win the grand prize from Cinco Vidas and O&N Collective. Thank you so much! I will continue to volunteer in your name and bring you stories from the field.
To make this a little easier, feel free to use any of the content below to send an email right now to your team or your boss (and to any of your friends around the world who want to join us for this GLOBAL Jeans Day)….

My friend Terri, of A Fresh Chapter, is on a six-month, five-continent trip around the world that will lay the groundwork for the future Fresh Chapter Foundation. Her ultimate dream for this foundation is to help hundreds (if not thousands) of cancer survivors select, fundraise, and prepare for their own international volunteer trips as a way of overcoming their experiences with cancer.
As more survivors join her on the road, Terri hopes to start a movement for cancer survivors of adventure after cancer; of service to our brothers and sisters around the world; of cultural exchange and understanding, and most importantly; of walking through fear and writing new stories for the future. 
Can we please support Terri’s Adventure of Hope by having a jeans day to raise money on her birthday, March 22nd? (On that day, she will be wearing jeans in Africa as she volunteers at an orphanage in Rwanda). I am happy to collect the funds ($5/person) and submit them to her cause on behalf of the team.

If you already wear jeans to work, maybe you can come up with a creative alternative? I will leave that in your capable hands and I’m excited to bring you updates from Rwanda next week. Now I’m off for dinnner before the electricity goes out…

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