Friday, April 6, 2012


Fair warning:  I don't haiku.  Do you?  If you do, perhaps you should check one of the others who is participating in the WEGO writing challenge.  This requires too much thought for a chemobrain.  First retain a thought.  Then, count syllables? Then, connect a third phrase to the already forgotten thought because I was too busy counting.  It could be fun.  If I had some poetic skill for starters and a working "working memory" for enders.

I will take a stab, at writing haiku for you.  First, I'll start counting.

My friends are dying.  I am sad, I am upset.  Only one fix: research.

That pink ribbon sucks. Symbolic of no progress.  Pink must fade to black.

I hate breast cancer. Especially the mets kind. Fearless friends force change.

I'd know what to do.  If I only had a brain, not fried by chemo.

I love my body.  My scars will not define me.  They are part of me.

I'm a bitch blogger.  Don't tell me I should calm down.  Have balls, sign your name.

Think before you pink. Time for us to make a stink.  Burn the ribbon now.


  1. LOVE this AnneMarie!!! Indeed you DO haiku! "Time for us to make a stink" resonates with me way more than racing for a cure ...

    1. Thanks, Yvonne. I just came from your blog. I LOVE the way you managed to weave so much of "our language" into that post! I've feel like I've been slacking. I love some of the WEGO prompts. I just need some quiet. Now I know why "real writers" have studios or rooms in a complete change of zip code..... Or, it's just the chemobrain.

    2. AnneMarie, thank you. If you don't know the language, you're sure to get lost in all of this! "I don't know about you, but I'm also wondering if "real writers" who don't have studios or rooms have houses that look a bit like mine this week. It's a complete wreck. Basically looks like I just gave it up for Lent ...
      hope your son is recovering well.

  2. I liked reading your Haiku. I especially like that last one. I have some fuzzy thinking too and figure this month of challenges HAS to be good for me! lol


    1. Thanks, Linda... I figure the discipline of daily writing would be good especially since it was no longer "self imposed" .....

      Fuzzy!!??! Some of these thoughts were spoken into the voice memos on my phone. Not all three parts... just one or two lines. I'm not really the poetic type! I tend to be more on the blunt side.... :)

  3. I LOVE your haikus, AnneMarie! The one I did for my blog post that day ended with "limping for the cure." So I'm on the same wavelength as you: let's make a stink. These WEGO challenges are really cool. But I know what you mean about a studio. I hardly have time for existing, let alone doing everything I can to stamp out cancer myths. Keep on writing. I LOVE your poetry. xx

  4. AnnMarie, anyone that can turn a passionate rant into a haiku is okay with me. Great work, here AM. xoxox


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