Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Yesterday, I shared my commitment with anyone who may be reading this blog.  One day a week, I made a promise to devote this space to make noise, educate, raise awareness, find ways to divert, at a MINIMUM, proportionate funding toward research for Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Coincidentally, I wrote a post for the Metavivor Blog.  The idea behind the thoughts grew from a conversation I had with CJ and Lori when we were in Washington DC.  There was lots of talk about finding ways to prevent breast cancer and there was lots of talk about finding ways to stop breast cancer from metastasizing.

There were moments of silence in memory of those who have died.  Those moments were particularly poignant.

There was a gaping hole.  Once again, a significant group within the breast cancer community was being ignored.

We are honoring the dead.

We are attempting to find ways to prevent breast cancer in the first place.

We are looking at ways to stop the disease from spreading.

What are we doing for those whose disease has progressed?

Between the moment of silence and preventing mets, we lost an entire group of women.  Sitting between two metastatic patients only served to make me quite AWARE that something was very wrong with the entire scenario.

I'd like to let the research community know that I don't need you wasting time trying to decide if Drug A will be better tolerated than Drug B.  If Drug B works, I'll deal with the side effects.  FIRST, find the drugs to help the mets patients then we can reconvene and revisit the discussion of "perfecting" the drugs that ALREADY work for the rest of us.

Is this concept really that far off the charts?  It seems so simple.  It seems so logical.

I hope you will read my post on the Metavivor Blog.  I am honored.

Yesterday, as I made a public commitment on my own blog, an essay I submitted to Metavivor was published on their blog. (You can click on over now.... I'm done here for today.... and the message over there means lots to me)

Like I said.



  1. You are a tireless advocate for us all, and we thank you, sweet lady.

    1. Thanks, Brenda!
      I've taken my cues from the best... and yes, that would absolutely include you!!!

  2. FYI, I love you!


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