Thursday, July 5, 2012


This past Monday evening, I was away.  I missed a very important chat on twitter.

Each and every Monday night at 9PM Eastern, a virtual support group gathers.  It's been one year since the very first chat. I did not participate in the first bunch of chats.  I wasn't using twitter.  And then, I became the dim twit.... and now, I've made many friends.  I've met some #IRL (in real life) and others mean as much to me as any 3D friend in my "real world."

I had the chance to read "the birthday chat" in its entirety last night.  Many had tears in their eyes as they reminisced about those chats that held especially meaningful places in their hearts.  The chat that meant the most to me was the one that took place on January 23.

That was the first time I saw the words Fearless Friends.  It was an evolution of words being used by several people throughout the chat.  My friend was still alive.  Susan was not doing well, but she was still alive.  Rachel encouraged all of us to advocate on behalf of the mets patients.  We vowed to be #FearlessFriends.  Two weeks later, all three of those women were gone.  Lives stolen by breast cancer.

On February 6th, we mourned as a community.  Rachel and Susan both died earlier in the day.  My friend was buried two days prior.  That chat proved to be poignant and touching and for me, served to make me more determined to be the change I wished to see.

Those chats meant so much....  but, the chat from this past Monday will always hold a special place in my heart.  Many knew I was away.  That my name was mentioned by several of my friends despite my absence had me brushing away tears as I was reading.......

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing me into the conversation... for letting me know you were thinking of me..... and yes, the champagne is on me.

I would encourage any and all to consider joining in on Monday evenings.  If you don't use twitter, you can still "lurk" by simply following the conversation on TweetChat.  You won't be sorry.


  1. It wasn't the same without you but I felt your presence. XO

  2. AnneMarie,

    We collectively missed you, but your spirit was there. I agree that #BCSM is so fantastic. I feel such a great sense of support and look forward to Monday nights. I, too, have come to view all of you as friends. It's amazing how close a group can get ... even virtually.


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