Friday, July 13, 2012


It's time to push enrollment in Army of Women over the 400,000 mark.  Yes, it's time.  YEARS have passed and still, not even at 400,000?  The goal is One Million.  Are you a woman? (Men, too... but mostly, women are needed.)  Are you over 18?  Are you willing to receive and review emails about studies that need participants?  JUST receive the emails.

Interested in something?  THEN click on the link.  Not interested?  Maybe it might be of interest to a friend?  Or not.  That's fine, too.  This is all about notification.  It's all about letting US know what those in the research labs are doing.  It's asking us if we are willing to join a study.  A STUDY, not a clinical drug trial.  The email frequency MIGHT be three a month.

Healthy women; women with breast cancer, in treatment, post treatment, any stage of disease.  In other words. EVERYONE is needed.

Maybe if more of you saw what is on the "sign up" form, we would be able to get these numbers moving.  I'm impatient and frankly, I'm bored waiting for the number to move out of the 300,000's.  THIS is how simple it is to join.  THIS is what the form looks like.  THIS is all you have to do.  THEN, sit back and review an occasional email.  Seriously.  How much of a burden can this possibly be??  We all want to do something, but we need to stop talking and start acting.  Please?

Only the starred fields are required and while some of this information may appear to be "questionable" it is required to assure a diverse database.  The young must be represented.  All ethnicities must be represented.  Many different geographic areas must be represented.  That's a good database.  If you haven't already done this, here's the link.  This is what you will be doing.  It takes about 90 seconds if you are a really slow typer.  

Even though you may appear to be able to fill out information in the form below, it doesn't count.  You have to use THE LINK.

Ready?  Set.....  GO!

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  1. Hello my friend. I am the editor of our weekly newsletter at work. I posted the Army of Women info on the Wellness page of said newletter. Oh you so motivate me. Hugs! Barb

  2. I've signed up already, AnneMarie. But I am so glad you are continuing to keep this wonderful organization in front of the public. There's never too much to say about the goodness of Army of Women. Kudos to you! xx

  3. I've signed up. It's a great cause. But I have to whine for a moment/make a suggestion. Lots of these large population surveys could be extended to women outside the US. We get breast cancer too, we have the same protocols. We speak English - some of us are even US citizens!!!! Ok, that's my rantlet. Love what you're doing AM. <3

    1. I am glad you signed up! I suspect your "rantlet" will soon be heard. Stay tuned...... Thanks for your encouragement and your support...
      <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo

    2. Oh good. I hope so. I think we can all learn from each other. <3


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