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This boggles my mind.  In October, 2008 Dr. Susan Love launched the Army of Women.  Shortly after the initiative began, this is what she said:

"The enthusiasm and energy for this initiative is everywhere. By the time you receive this, there will be close to 250,000 women who have joined the Army of Women, putting us well on our way to our goal of one million volunteers. And the scientists are just as excited! Many have told me personally that they can’t wait to work with the Army of Women volunteers"

As I said, Mind Boggling.  Why?  Quite simply, that was almost four years ago.  The current enrollment in the Army of Women is just under 369,000 volunteers.


It took days to get one quarter of the way to the goal of One Million Women.  DAYS.  It's now four years later and we have only managed to get an additional 119,000 women to join the database.

We're buying cupcakes, we're taking photographs to raise awareness, we're walking, running, dancing. We are buying things that contain ribbons.  Raising money is great.  Some of the tactics are less than stellar, others are quite questionable, many are damn dishonorable.  On the flip side, lots of people are out there working tirelessly and there are plenty of places where the intention of the fund raising is for all the RIGHT reasons.

Helping those in need get through treatment by assisting with groceries, transportation is being done in many communities. It matters.  Lots.  Putting money into the hands of researchers matters, too.  Ask those of us who fear for the next generation and more importantly, ask those who are hoping they don't run out of treatment options before they die of the disease.

Having open studies, funded research AND NO WOMEN?  Quite frankly, that sucks.  We are our own worst enemy.  It's time for meaningful action so we might obtain some meaningful answers.  What's the holdup?  Why aren't women everywhere joining the Army of Women?  I've tried many times to beg and plead and explain what it means to be a part of the Army of Women.

Is it me?  I'm not explaining it so it's easily understood?  Let's try bulleted points.

  • You are NOT joining the Army.  Yes, I did have someone tell me she was too old to join the army.  Or you refuse to join on principle.  You hate the war metaphors.  Get over it.  We can work on the language of cancer but isn't it more important to do something to stop the deaths, to prevent another generation from dealing with this????  If THIS is a reason, let me just say you are being selfish if THIS is the only reason.  
  • You do NOT NEED TO HAVE HAD A BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS to join.  The current database is comprised of a larger percentage of NON cancer women.  Surely everyone knows someone with breast cancer.  Most of you have said, "What can I do for you?"  I will answer on behalf of all.  What can you do for your friend/neighbor/loved one?  JOIN the Army of Women.  All Women Are Needed.  Cancer or not, old or young.
  • You are NOT signing up to participate in ANY STUDY nor will you EVER be coerced to join a study.  (And, these are studies--NOT clinical drug trials.  You will never be asked to put anything into your body. EVER.)
  • You ARE signing up to be part of a select group of women who agrees to READ A DAMN E-MAIL.  "These researchers need 100 women in this area to take an online survey."  And YES, I've participated in a number of studies and they've all been online surveys.
  • Afraid of giving out your email address?  The Army of Women database is NOT SHARED with ANYONE.
  • Afraid you are going to be inundated with emails?  No more than three per month.
  • Think you are going to be chased after for money?  Wrong organization.  Some other pink partiers get your name and never let go.  Not here.  You will only be notified of studies that need women.
  • Afraid to give out your information?  First of all, the database is secure.  Second of all, there is only a minimal amount of information collected.
  • The studies are carefully scrutinized by a scientific panel before any email is sent.  The studies are to try to understand why some of us develop breast cancer and why others do not.  The studies are to help improve the quality of life of those of us with breast cancer (and the toll it takes on us emotionally, physically, intellectually).
  • The studies are not to observe how a particular drug works or does not work.  Susan Love is all about understanding WHY so we can stop the madness that has become breast cancer.  When she is successful (note I said WHEN, not IF because she WILL succeed), we won't have to concern ourselves with pink ribbon stupidity since there will be no more "cause" requiring the ribbon.
Imagine a world with no more ribbon.  Imagine, no more boobstagram.  No more Java Jugs Cupcakes.  Imagine.

There are over 150 Million Women in the United States.  Army of Women is now open to women anywhere in the world. I'm not doing a google detour to get world population numbers.  The point?  There are more than enough of us to make this happen.  And to make it happen quickly.

The Dr Susan Love Research Foundation will be rolling out a revolutionary opportunity for all women within the next couple of weeks.  The first people who will know about this and who will be able to share in the opportunity will be those already enrolled in Army of Women.

That's all I'm prepared to share at the moment.  Don't miss the boat to be in on the ground level.  This is going to prove to be the single largest step in a new direction toward eradicating breast cancer forever.  From the little I know (and yes, I do have some inside info), despite every challenge that exists in this brain of mine, I KNOW this is going to change things.  It's going to shake things up.  It's going to be HUGE.

You don't want to miss out.  And you won't want your friends to miss out, either.  Join HERE.  If you happen to be using a phone to read this blog, send a text message.  Here's how.  Open up your text message feature.  Compose a new message. Send it to 46637.  In the message field type: armyofwomen and you will get a reply with a link to the mobile sign up page. Prefer Facebook.  Go HERE.  Fill in the basic information and you are now enrolled in the database.  And the ticker just advanced by one number.

HOW do we do this?  One person at a time.  That's HOW.



  1. Wow, AnneMarie! I'm trying to figure out why more women don't sign up ... I know that within my own circle of friends, none of the women had heard of AOW. They had heard of Komen and Warriors in Pink etc but not AOW specifically. I'm wondering if women think it's all part of the same effort??
    There are so many times when I haven't batted an eyelid when someone has asked me to buy a pink ribbon or donate a dollar towards cancer research. I've seen countless women in front of me at the checkout line do the same thing. Why are we more likely to donate than to join AOW? It seems like such an obvious thing to do, but obviously there are thousands and thousands of women who, for whatever reason, don't believe that joining AOW will make a difference, or that they're already doing something because they donate money or buy lots of pink things in October.
    I know I was completely unaware of AOW until I was diagnosed with breast cancer and (thankfully) found bloggers like you and #bcsm community. I often wonder what I would have done without access to the internet and an online community. There must be so many women who are very alone in all of this and simply don't have access to info.
    Now I'm rambling, but I'm intrigued to see what's in the works and hoping it will create a sense of urgency.
    You have inspired me to recruit more women. Thank you!!!

    1. Keep recruiting! I know whenever I staff an event on behalf of Army of Women, women either don't understand what they are "joining" OR they are frustrated because they haven't yet had a study in which they might participate. It is all about to change.

      It's up to ALL of us who know about the work of the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation and the Army of Women initiative (which DOES fill studies in record breaking time) to get the word out.

      I'll be at the registration in NYC for the Avon walk, hopefully signing up even more women than we signed up last year.

      Thank YOU, Yvonne.... You always make me feel like I'm making a small difference....


  2. AnneMarie
    I have tried to sign up to be a participant in things connected with "Army of Women" I am a member but being since I am living in Canada many things are excluded due to country.. - even though I fully support this organization. This could be one of the reasons. Why more are not signing up with
    Here is one example..

    Dear Alicia:

    Thank you for responding to this Call to Action. Unfortunately, you don't match what the researchers need for this study. Don't be discouraged. There are more studies to come and maybe one of these will be just right for you! Thank you again for being part of the Love/Avon Army of Women!

    I have several emails that are similar. We are neighbours and IMO I feel it would be beneficial to all if there wasn't the issue of a border stopping women from joining and participating in some of these studies..

    Love Alli xx

    1. Don't be discouraged. Don't be discouraged..... It's coming....... and it will be global..... Trust me..... And it will be soon enough! You can get all of your English speaking friends from wherever you happen to be (even Paris!) to sign up. They are listening at the Dr Susan Love Research Foundation and it looks like they have found a way to cross borders.....

      You WILL be among the first to get a Call to Action and it won't say you don't match!! I promise.

      That's all I can say for now....



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