Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday, I was, as they say, "off the grid" for a large part of the day.  I'm not entirely sure what happened but something threw me off my game and the minute that happens, it seems the remainder of the day is gone.  Suddenly, it's approaching 2AM and am surrounded by the same pile of papers that were around me when the day began.

In other words, I was reading "breaking news" when it wasn't news.  It's olds.  In a 24 hour news cycle, you either keep up or you are in the dust of the rest of the news lovin' world.  Yesterday, I was in the dust.  And in the dark.

Perhaps you recall I mentioned my attendance at a MSKCC Survivor Celebration?  It was in June.  The keynote speaker was the one and only Ms Kathy Bates.  She was charming and witty.  With a side of snark.  "What's spoken at Sloan, stays at Sloan."  Her words.  I'm not breaking that code of silence.

I remember being so damn impressed with the fact that she managed to keep her ovarian cancer diagnosis off the grid, out of the press and in the privacy of her own personal space until SHE was ready to share her story.  It was years before she outed herself.  My guess?  She has loyal and trusted friends and a very loving family.  That.  Or, she kept a particular movie scene queued up on her DVD player.  That would strike fear into the hearts of any who might be inclined to leak the story.

Yesterday, Kathy Bates announced she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had a bilateral mastectomy.  I'm going out on a limb.  It was another sucker punch in the gut.  And it was upsetting to read.  I saw this on a twitter feed and I had to send her a message.  I wanted her to know that I was in that audience at Sloan (keeping all of her secrets) and that this recent cancer episode was upsetting.

I sent her a tweet.  It's what you do on twitter.  Very easy when the wordy one is restricted to 140.  Gotta be brief. Economize the words.  
I was THRILLED to have her reply directly to me.  We wanted to go out for cocktails with her after that keynote address. There were a couple of other tweets that went back and forth....... bottom line.  I plan on slamming back shots with a few other buddies and Ms Bates WILL be the guest of honor.  I have no idea how we are going to make that happen.  But I'm finding a way.  Come hell or high water.

Last week it was Judy Blume.  This week, Kathy Bates.

Is it me or are we in a "everyone is getting breast cancer" cycle?  I'm going to retrieve the sledgehammer from the garage.  Frankly, I've had enough already.

Normally, I like the sound of smashing glass to release my anger.

Today, I think I'll swing a sledgehammer and do some real damage.  I need a good target.  Anything pink will suffice. Shouldn't be too hard to locate this time of year.  Watch out.  I'm Pissed.  Steer CLEAR.

It's never a good idea to F*k with an angry woman on a mission who is hormone starved, sleep deprived AND wielding a sledgehammer.


  1. I guess I'm out of the loop too, Anne Marie. I hadn't heard about Judy Blume. I did read about Kathy Bates yesterday, although it was the first time I heard about her having ovarian cancer. (Then again, I may have forgotten - that's totally - and sadly - plausible.) Loved her response to you. What a tough lady!!

    Your last sentence says it all. I always tell people it's never smart to piss off an Italian woman, let alone one who's hormone starved and sleep deprived. Have at it with the sledgehammer. There are days you just have to hit something. I've taken up boxing for that very reason!!

    1. And I KNEW I missed part of what I wanted to put in that sentence.... Italian American with a line of Sicilian blood coursing through the veins!


  2. I loved your post, AnneMarie - especially the part about the sledgehammer!

    I really do think we're in an "everyone is getting breast cancer" cycle. I recently counted at least 5 of my friends, plus myself, who have had it in the past 5 years. And what's most worrying is that it's affecting women and men of all ages and all lifestyles.

    However, as Kathy Bates says in her lovely reply to your Tweet, there are many many distinguished survivors in this club - for which I am exceedingly grateful. :-)

    Enjoy your cocktail...!

  3. AM: I can always count on coming over to your blog and gaining strength from the power you put into your words. I am living vicariously through your sledgehammer!

    And I'm sending strength to Ms. Bates.

    1. I am SO damn sorry I had no idea you were having your exchange surgery. Lots of "stuff" going on right now... but no excuse...

      SOON, you will have full range of motion and strength and there will be NO vicariously anything.. You'll be weilding a sledgehammer of your own... and I'll be right beside you!

      Speedy recovery...


  4. I say grab that sledgehammer and keep on swinging.

  5. I prefer a baseball bat myself, but you smash the hell out of whatever you want!

  6. I haven't heard about either woman. WOW. I don't have any words. I follow you on Twitter and just found your blog here. I'm glad I did!

  7. Nancy, Acacia, Heather.....

    Getting ugly out there.... and now all the pretty in pink survivors are going to start touting their BS.... Today, Guiliana Rancic pissed off a few of the mets patients when she got some stupid thing trending on twitter.... Early detection or whatever it was.... All I know? It was something pretty and pink. Nothing like the reality....


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