Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey... it's 10-11-12 .....  And we are still at 1-2-3.

I'm pulling a soundbite. It's from October 1, 2010.  As I was in an operating room at Sloan Kettering, my entire life in a shambles, preparing to be completely de-feminized.... By a robot.  Named DaVinci.  On that same day, THIS was an interview given by Nancy Brinker. I'm not Komen bashing.  I'm not Brinker bashing.  I'm just disgusted.  And bashing anything, everything.  Hit the 6:50 minute mark and listen.......

IF you can get past that, listen to the rest of it.  Pushing mammography as the end all and the be all.

When asked, "What do you think Suzy would say now, 30 years later?"  The response, "I think she'd be really proud......"   She'd be proud?  No, she wouldn't be able to profess this pride..... because she'd still be dead.  NO PROGRESS.  I have no patience for this bullshit.  NONE.  Sorry....

Remember this is an interview that is TWO years old already.  Medical knowledge doubles rather quickly.  Riddle me this.....Why hasn't it budged since Suzy died?

Watch Nancy Brinker - 10/1/10 on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

In case the embedded box disappears, the link is here.

Here's the wonderful soundbite.  These are the words I found most offensive in this entire piece.

"We can't afford, and no one in the world can afford, to treat all the late stage cancer."

Way to write off the mets patients.  First blab about a promise to "Suzy" and then bob and weave and make a grand pronouncement about the inability to fund treatment for "late stage cancer."  And then, make sure to conclude the interview by saying just how proud Suzy would be.  

Someone get Susan Komen Ghost from twitter.  STAT.  How about Suze gets to speak for herself?

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