Friday, October 26, 2012


Yesterday, I was meandering around the Driskill Hotel in Austin.  I'm here for a conference.  As the spouse.  Complete with all sorts of planned activities.  Whole Foods for lunch and a cooking demonstration followed by high tea at the hotel.

The woman beside me joked, "I didn't need to leave home to go to a supermarket."  The woman on the other side of me?  Breast cancer.  In 2003.  Still dealing with neuropathy and a few other issues.  The joker asked the other woman how she was doing.  I know that code talk.  So I asked, "What was wrong?"  It wasn't really a nosy question despite the fact I just met both of these women less than an hour earlier.  Besides, I already knew the answer before I asked the question.

Having had enough of the planned activities, I decided it was time for a nap.  As I approached the elevator, there was a woman on her cell phone sitting on the bench adjacent to the elevators.  She wasn't being loud nor was she in an inappropriate location to be on the phone.  The elevators are in a sort of cubby area.  She had privacy.  Until, of course, I walked over to use the elevator.

In the 30 or 60 seconds it took for the elevator to arrive, this is what I heard:

"She always took such good care of her body."

Immediately, I knew.

The rest of it.....

"She always ate right and exercised."

"Is it in her family."

"How old did you say, she's 32 or 33?"

"No, you did the right thing by calling to let me know."

And, I did the right thing by stumbling upon this conversation.  A brutal reminder of how many, each day, are added to the club, now staring down the dark alley of disbelief, filled with questions and fear.  And a reminder that we must all come together with common goals.  Mets first.  Fearless Friends.  In it to end it.

On that note, happy weekend.....  apparently, I will be preparing for the Frankenstorm stuff.  This is reminiscent of last year.  I had no idea about Irene until it was a reality.  Irene spawned a tornado that bounced and skipped right around my house.

Sandy holds the possibility to last days and combine with some other weather to form the perfect storm.

Hell, I already live in the midst of a perfect storm......

My goal is to become a perfect storm... a disruptive storm..... the storm that forces change....


  1. Note to Apple...... iPad not doing too well with the blogger interface. Can you stop the war with google already?? Just curious.....

  2. Ann Marie,

    Yes, there are too many reminders day in and day out aren't there? And please stay safe. It sounds like Sandy could really be dangerous.

    1. Thanks, Nancy..
      I'm glad to be home. Now, need to attempt to find a grocery store with anything non perishable on the shelves.... I'm expecting to lose power. I have all sorts of devices charging now so I can stay connected... AND to keep the pump in the basement working...

  3. dear annemarie,

    now that i am away from treatment, just out doing my normal day to day stuff, it often flabbergasts me to come upon so many stories of other breast cancer people. my hair, or lack of, is often an opener to complete strangers to express themselves about their own experience, and i am always glad to listen, give support - but still...flabbergasted at the sheer numbers. maybe a force we aren't aware of puts us in place to pay witness to what's happening?

    and don't you worry - you ARE a force for change, fearless friend.

    i hope the frankenstorm doesn't happen - we live on the east coast, not that far from the city. too many dreadful memories from our NOT friend, irene, this time last year. be safe and take care.

    love, xoxo,

    karen, TC

    1. kTC,

      Yes... DREADFUL memories of Irene. I think I'll just post the pics here and let them speak for themselves. You stay safe, too.

      And more importantly, YES, I think we are here to bear witness. To raise the right kind of awareness..... was happy to participate in a conversation with WEGO Health from my hotel room. iPhone on speaker and there were three of us talking.... I know it was live tweeted.... iPad not so good with the live tweeting and I think someone questioned something I said....

      Have to go off to twitter to see what happened so I can continue being fearless!!


  4. Good luck with the Frankenstorm, Annemarie. We're hunkering down here in Maryland, expecting the worst. The Governor has already declared a state of emergency. Be safe!!! xoxo

    1. Hi Ellen,

      I was with someone from BWI last night. She said the shelves in the market were bare. Last look, this thing was turning inland closer to you... We have mandatory evacuations on the south shore of Long Island. I have to watch to see what the thoughts are for the north side. Don't really need a wall of water heading my way....

      Ugh. YOU stay safe, my friend...



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