Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm off doing a little investigating today.  And I expect I'll be doing the same tomorrow, too.  Today's investigating is specific to chemobrain.  Tomorrow?  Breast cancer.

At the request of my mom, I am extending a most heartfelt thanks on her behalf.  Each and every day when we speak, she mentions the blog.  She reads the comments.  She sees all of the well wishes, the thoughts, the prayers, the hugs and she is simply overwhelmed with gratitude.

When I began writing, a little more than 18 months ago, my mom was one of the two people reading what was on the screen.  (I was the other one.)  She was, and still is, my biggest cheerleader.  She has shared the blog with many.

In many respects, with her recent diagnosis, this space now belongs to her, too.  Last night, she asked me to please take the time to make sure everyone knows how much she appreciates seeing the way she is mentioned by so many in the comments.  I am so thankful, so immeasurably grateful for the way my mom has been embraced by so many.

I'm sure she never expected to be on this path and I'm even MORE sure that I never expected to be on this path, either.  I now have first degree relatives in every conceivable breast cancer arena:

  • Save the lives of those with metastatic disease.  For my mother.
  • Prevent the disease from occurring in the next generation.  For my daughter. And my sister.
  • Stop the spread in those who have already been diagnosed.  For me. And my "baby" sister.
That pretty much tells the whole story and everyone who reads this fits into one of those categories.  Men included. Wherever you fit, know that I'm in this for all of you, too.

Thank you for caring so much and for sharing your words with me and with my mom.  This extends to those on twitter who may not read the blog.... and I will be sure to share my thanks in the twitterverse, too.

Now.... if by chance you missed yesterday's entry.....  Here are your choices:

  1. Go read it now.
  2. Go straight to Medivizor and request an invitation.  There (THEIR-- ed correction, I really DO KNOW proper use of these words) service is spectacular and it will only get better as more of us are asking for their guidance with our individual diagnoses.
Many people read yesterday's post.  I hope many also requested that invitation.  And I further hope when the email arrives, you will follow through.  It will not take long and then, it will serve as your own personal "alert system."  Please do share... please spread the word...

And please do know that you have made a difference with your words.  The kindness has not gone unnoticed and it is appreciated in ways I can't even begin to describe.  By my mom... and by me, too.

Thank you... Thank you so very much.

With love,



  1. AnneMarie, I am trying to get on the site and I got an email but no link to it. I have contacted them to see what the problem is. I am sure it will sort out. It is wonderful to see what a special relationship you have with your mom. I am lucky I also have a great mom who is so supportive. I am sure your mom is so very proud of you. We are all praying and thinking positive thoughts for her as she embarks on this journey with MBC and with you by her side I am sure she is getting the best care. Hugs and XoXoXo - Susan

  2. I'm waiting for my invitation........ Give Mom a hug for me!!!
    Ellen xoxo

  3. I got signed up for Medivizor and it only took a few minutes. From here on, I get to pick when and how much time I put into it, but I like that our input is sought and that we can help refine valuable information for cancer and other patients. Mary Ann is on my prayer list, as are so many others with cancer. Remembering others in my thoughts and prayers helps keep me grounded in gratitude. Thanks AnneMarie!

  4. dear anne marie and mary ann,

    what a team you two are - mother/daughter, fearless friends, and two wonderful women to anchor your family, along with all of us, with such love, hope and inspiration. i think of you both often; hugh and i have used a one-word mantra - "believe" - for the last few years. it has helped see us through many a dark hour, and has been a way to invest in the truth that anything is possible. we will be believing for you both...

    ...with much love, XOXO

    hugh and karen (TC)

  5. Dearest AnneMarie,
    I'm so sorry to have been away from your blog for so long. I am praying for all your family, for Barb, for Lisa, for your mom especially and for you! You and yours have been through so much from this horrible disease....#fearlessfriend with love.

  6. love that you are such an advocate for your Mom! Got the link for the site and plan on checking it out this weekend.

  7. Keep giving your mom those cyberhugs from me. Sending constant streams of them to you both. And I MUST check out Medivisor! Thanks for that! And no more frozen pipes, Missy!! Okay?? xoxo, Kathi


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