Thursday, February 14, 2013


The other night, I watched Flight.  The movie.  Denzel Washington is a pilot and the only thing I will say, if you are planning a trip by air, probably not the best movie to watch.  DEFINITELY will not be on an Inflight Entertainment list either.

The quality of this clip is likely quite lousy and I'm sure I'm violating all sorts of laws.  It's a 30 second clip.  Recorded on my iPhone.  And uploaded.

There's something ironic about this whole thing.  I MISSED the line.  My brain may have been trying to keep up with the line before.  I distinctly remember the line after.  It's the one **in between** that I swear I never heard.

Until someone told me they thought of me while they were watching the movie.  Firstly, I found it serendipitously humorous that I even saw the same movie.  Movie nights in and of themselves are rare-ish.

Secondly, I scoured the internet for a legit clip to embed.  Hell... before I began hunting for the clip, I had to find a way to determine which scene I was actually in search of-- and THEN began scouring for the clip.  It was good to be googling combinations of words that don't have to do with cancer.  Ummmm... well they do, but not in the normal fashion.

And now, you know why I, without fail, every few weeks, am surrounded by piles and piles of papers strewn across the floor.  Finding this took priority over everything else in life.

And, this is for the skeptics.....if DENZEL can listen, if Hollywood can insert the line into a feature film, there will be no more dismissive, "what's my excuse" remarks.  EVER. NEVER. EVER.  Ya Hear?

My Valentine's Gift To All of YOU: Denzel Washington, Pilot Extraordinaire


  1. We saw this last week. very good.. Loved the chemo brain comment.

    1. I thought the movie was very good, too! Of COURSE I loved the chemobrain comment!!!!! Duh?!

  2. dear anne marie,

    FINALLY - i was able to hear that chemobrain comment - the speakers on my PC are for $%&@!!! ah, some validation!!! i love what denzel did NOT say..."yeah, well i didn't even have chemo and I can't remember a thing, either...". even doctors say that! BAH! we need a segment on a show like "60" minutes or something so the public at large can have a glimpse into the legitimacy of this condition and the sensitivity issues that cause marginalization of a word (or two words?) that often turn peoples' lives completely upside down - chemo brain, chemobrain.

    love, XOXO,

    karen, TC


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