Tuesday, March 12, 2013


What are your plans for this evening?  Say around 6PM Eastern Time.....  Dinner?  Out west?  Picking up kids??  If you have access to a computer or a device with an internet connection, I might make a suggestion.

Firstly, I've been looking forward to this presentation since I received an email from the volunteer office at MSKCC.  They put out a call to volunteers for assistance.  I put the date on my calendar at least a month before the official announcement.  Yesterday, I saw it is going to be webcast which means I can say, "Join me" and you can join me in real time!

MSKCC has a newly designed website that is so impressive it's been nominated for awards.  Sections of it have been rolled out over time and this evening, the crown jewel of their work will be unveiled.  The CancerSmart videos which can be found on many different topics are spectacular.  I embedded a couple of them in blog posts several months ago.

Tonight's presentation, Breast Cancer: What We're Learning, Where We're Headed will be live on the website.  There will be a video if you are unable to watch in real time.  The conversation is going to be moderated by local CBS affiliate medical reporter, Dr. Max Gomez.  The panelists are stellar.

Tari A. King is a surgeon.  Larry Norton is a medical oncologist.  Jorge Reis-Filho is a surgical pathologist.

I'm laughing at my own words.  Those descriptions are akin to saying Benjamin Franklin flew kites, Marie Curie played with glow sticks and Thomas Edison was obsessed with Reynolds Wrap.  Read their bios which are available on the same link. "Meet The Speakers"

I have no idea if there are plans for a Q&A at the end.  I have no idea if anyone will be monitoring a twitter feed or a hashtag.  Since there will be a video available, I won't live tweet during the presentation.  Tapping messes with the audio quality.  However, I will have my phone at my side.  Silenced.  With my own twitter account open.

Shoot me a tweet.  If there is a Q&A, I promise to try to get a question answered from someone who is NOT inside the auditorium on the campus of Memorial Hospital and Rockefeller Research Labs.  MSKCC leading the way with three of the very finest medical minds on this planet sharing what they are doing with everyone who can access the internet.

I'm a patient whose needs have been taken care of on every level.

I'm the daughter of a patient who is in the very best possible care.

And, I'm a patient volunteer who is quite simply bursting with pride.


  1. I put it on my calendar. It remains to be seen if I will remember to check it.

    I will try very hard. :)

  2. Thanks for this heads-up. You are always on top of it :).


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