Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday, twitter EXPLODED with a hashtag.  It started at almost 2AM with a piece written by Dan Munro at Forbes.com

Read the article.  Explore the newly launched website.  No further commentary needed.  It stands on it own merit.  For SURE.
There was much buzz about the site when it was officially launched last week but the Forbes article sent it into the stratosphere.  I'm thrilled to be a member of this community but that's really old news.  I've been enchanted and involved on every level with this group from my first baby steps on twitter.  The days of my dim-twittedness.  

The essence of BCSM?  We are fearless.  We act despite our fears.  We stand together because a fear shared is a fear divided and a fear shared lightens the burden.  Exponentially.  Our fears have become our motivating force.

Which leads me to a message sent by Jean Case about data sharing and its importance.....  Case?  America Online.  Yes, those Case's.  I didn't know Jean Case was a member of this club and I can only hope she becomes a part of #bcsm.  As I was doing my usual distraction a second, link to link clicking, I came upon the Case Foundation and their campaign to Be Fearless.  They are encouraging us to be fearless and we talk about being Fearless Friends.  Seems to me it's a perfect match.

Videos......  Two from their website and finally, a TedX video delivered on their behalf.

And then.... We have to be bold, let urgency conquer fear, we have to BE FEARLESS:

TED X Mid Atlantic ...... The Be Fearless Campaign:

And all I have to add on this Fearless topic.... I suppose the cover I chose for my Facebook page sorta says it all.  And that cover is in no small way related to the very support I feel from the social media crowd here on the blog pages and most of all, to the real time, I know someone always has my back in the world that is twitter and most especially, in the community that is taking twitter by STORM....  #BCSM:

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