Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Upstate AnnMarie (who graciously gave me the "E") completely FLOORED me with a blog she wrote last week.  I haven't had a chance to say a proper thank you or to let her know how much her words meant to me.  I've been a bit of a blubbering fool in recent weeks for oh so many reasons and AnnMarie's words brought tears to my eyes.

Sidebar:  I swear I likely went ten years without shedding a tear.  Not that I have a heart of stone, but I was quite capable of swallowing the lump in my throat.  Now?  Not so much.  Perhaps I'm on emotional overload or maybe when right brain overtook left brain, I stopped being so damn logical about everything.

Back to AM.  WEGO Health is doing A Blog A Day for the month of April.  I know I did this last year although I'm not sure I made it through the entire month.  Prompts are provided for each day and last Thursday, the suggested topic was to share something learned from another health activist.  When she chose me, I was so deeply touched and humbled, well...... I cried.

AnnMarie is a powerhouse.  She has network to tap into whenever she wants to get something done.  Every time I turn around, she's got another fundraiser underway and every one of them is a huge success.  She's committed to changing the world.  I love that.  And I love everything about her.  She is devilishly funny on her blog, Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

Plus, she has a great name.  The post she wrote is not long.  Unlike me, she can get her point out quickly.  Please do click on that link to read what she had to say.  We never verbalized the fact that we were the Hatfield/McCoy version of the Pink Party.

I LIKE AM.  Lots.  She reads this blog and I read hers.  We knew were were on opposite sides of the fence but I am quite proud to say that we set those differences aside and realized there is far more that binds us together and those things are far more important than that which might divide us.  Like religion and politics, discussing someone's charitable choices is off limits.  We each have things that are important to us.  It's not up to me to pass judgement on anyone's choices.

This is the way we get things done.  Acceptance.  Understanding.  Realizing that just because our likes aren't in complete harmony, this should not preclude our ability to get along, to enjoy each other's company (virtual or real world) and it should not stop us from working together toward a common goal.

We are in this together.  We are all fighting for the same thing.  There are many paths to the top of the mountain.  I like walking beside Upstate AM.  I am proud to walk beside her.  I like knowing she has my back and I hope she knows that I have hers, too.

A Postscript.....
AnnMarie just suffered an indescribable loss.  The son of a dear friend of hers died last week.  I don't know the details, I just know she is heartbroken and doing everything she can to support her friend.  And I'm doing whatever I can to make sure AM knows that this time, I have her back.  


  1. Ya know I have been over the top sad and while I cried too (wth I am not a crier about things written especially when I get attention) I smiled while crying! I haven't smiled much lately so thanks. I think together we can change that Pink Ribbon to be Pink Power!

    1. I'm all for that... Pink Power.

      It's time for us to reclaim the ribbon so it can do the good that it was intended to do.....


  2. OH how fantastic Two Ann(E)'s now..I too am a friend of upstate AM,now I can add you..I'm Kathy in California and I am an Ovarian cancer gal..So with your pink ribbon girls I will add my Teal in with it...I am on a serious soap box for young women to know the whipering signs of Ovarian/Uterian/Cervical cancer's and very often breast and ovarian go together..fist up Sista's we will all fight together..Nice to meet you Anne....Sending Love and support I am now a follow too...<3

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