Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The poster can be found at this link.  I believe it is able to be downloaded so a "zoom in" feature is available if interested.  (The link is broken... and I'm making no attempt to repair it at the moment!)

The poster is almost eight FEET wide so what appears like incredibly ignorant use of space on a computer screen.... well.. you get the story.

Unveiling the masterpiece for the most important group of all... You've all been patient whilst I've been moaning and complaining about getting this thing done and getting it done so it didn't look like a 3rd grade art project.

I'm happy with the end result.  The presentation was yesterday.  From the Rally for Research, I went right back to the Convention Center to share my passion about having the patient voice present in all conversations.

Tomorrow, I'll be headed back to NY.  Exhausted and energized.....


  1. dear annemarie,

    the poster you created for AACR is so impressive! the organization, information, design and even the color considerations work splendidly to convey the message of the power of social media in patient advocacy. knowing the labor pains you went through delivering this "baby", i say BRAVO for the whole production! it ROCKS,, and so do you, my dear,fearless friend. your passionate desire to demand the patient's voice be heard and valued comes through in such a vivid and detailed manner. THANK YOU,
    THANK YOU. come home to us safely, rest, relax and renew after all your hard work.

    love, love you XOXOXOXO

    karen, TC

  2. Annemarie,
    This poster is awesome! Very colorful and creative!!!!!
    It definitely rocks! :-)

  3. Congrats to you! It's wonderful and will definitely turn some heads!

  4. Great job, Anne Marie. I am so excited for you. The poster looks fantastic. You have every reason to be so proud of your work. Congratulations! XoXoXo

  5. Really Nice Job!!!! I know this took a creative mind to get this accomplished. You are winning against that ChemoBrain, showing who is the boss.
    Great Job, look forward to hearing all you have learned.
    Your Texas Friend,

  6. Fabulous! You represent all of us very well!

  7. Ann Marie,
    I think you are a new kind of "Wonder Woman"!

    Thanks for all you do!

    And I hope you take some time to rest when you get home.

  8. I AM WOWED!!! This is amazing, AnneMarie ... today was crazy, was so anxious to see this. So proud of you. Our community is so lucky to have your vision and voice. xxo


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