Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's National Cancer Research Month.

AACR has some useful information on their website.... ways to get involved.

Know where your money is going...

And know that I am behind the efforts of METAvivor.  30% For 30%.  CJ, the co-founder of METAvivor, explains it best.  She away at the headlines and analyzes the pie charts.  It's not about MORE funding (although that would be good....), it's about redistributing the funds that are already in the pot.  A little more for all metastatic cancer research.... a little more to fund research at the stage that ultimately steals lives.

Please support research.  Please continue to make noise with your congressional reps.  The sequester mess is still unresolved.  There is much work to do and WE make it happen.  Together.....

I'm all in.... Are you with me?

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  1. "Know where your money is going." Absolutely true, my friend. You are right about research being key. I wish this damned disease was cured already, but we have too long to go.