Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Father's Day to each and everyone out.  I have officially entered the my annual month of wistfulness.  Between today and July 19th, the day my dad died, there are reminders.  His birthday was July 3rd.  I think of him each and every day.  He is the wind beneath my wings.  He is my hero.

Uniting Against Lung Cancer did their annual Kites for a Cure event and as I shared in past posts, we had a kite flown in his honor at the inaugural event in 2007.  Little could we know he would be gone in less than two months.  This year, I had a kite flown in his memory.  I just received the photographs from UALC.

In a bit of a rather bittersweet moment, I had something else happen last week.  Each year, we award a scholarship in my dad's memory at a local high school.  I hope to share the story of the young woman who was this year's recipient.  When we talk about how cancer steals lives, her story punctuates that message.  I will obtain her permission first first, but stolen is an appropriate word in all cases.  In hers, especially so.

As I was pulling into the school parking lot for the awards ceremony, which began at 7:30 and you can see the time on the third photo, the tears began to spill.  As I sat in the auditorium waiting to be called to the podium, I found myself blinking back tears more than once.

To my dad, I miss you terribly.  To Karen, I see Yvonne dedicated a beautiful post to Hugh.  And, to Frank Terrazzano, I send you comforting thoughts.  His daughter Lauren continues to inspire me each and every day.  Her kite says precisely that......  


  1. AnneMarie, so sorry for the loss of your dad, but you paid him a beautiful tribute in this post. xo, e.

    1. Thank you, Eileen....

      Your words mean lots to me. I'm thankful you are part of my world.


  2. my dear annemarie,

    what beautiful tributes to your beloved dad - the kite, so colorful and with the message from you, the scholarship at the high school, and this touching post written on fathers' day. the message on the kite for lauren must have touched her dad's heart so deeply and provided comfort to his aching heart.

    thank you for reading and for commenting on the fathers' day story on yvonne's blog, and mentioning it here on your blog.

    please say hello to you mom for me; moms who grieve on behalf of their children after their fathers' death also have aching hearts. but i would bet my life on your mother feeling enormous pride and gratitude for seeing you, her daughter, trying with all your might to advocate for cancer patients, voluteering so much of your time at MSKCC, and for living the truth that the whole purpose of life is love.

    i hope during this month of wistfullness that all the love you send out to so many others comes back to you a thousand fold, and that it helps comfort you when you are missing your dad so terribly.

    i am sending you love and consolation to your sweet heart, PS - my dad's b'day was also july 3rd - he died 5 years ago.

    XOXOXO, karen

    1. Karen,

      I can't believe your dad's b'day was July 3rd. That's one of those coincidences that make me smile. I'm sure my mom will see your note.

      My mom has been my biggest cheerleader since I stepped into this blogging thing. She is still amazed at the strength of the connections made via a computer screen.

      I am sure today was not an easy day for you or for your family. I think of you always and I hope you feel the love and support headed your way...


  3. AnneMarie dear,

    Every once in a while I am reminded that the universe surely conspires to help us lift each other up and set us down softly. This is one of those times.

    How your heart must have soared at the sight of that kite flying high into that beautiful blue sky.

    Love you

    1. Yvonne,

      Yes, the universe does conspire and things begin intersecting all over the place.

      My dearest friend EVER was at the cemetery today at her dad's grave. He passed a few months ago. She bumped into my mom. Our dad's graves are just steps away from each other. What are the odds?????

      Love you, too....

  4. Ann Marie,

    Much love to you my friend. This is beautiful. I hope knowing others understand helps just a bit. Hugs.

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