Wednesday, July 3, 2013


YES, there will be fireworks.  Tomorrow.

Looking backward at the past several days, anything the Grucci's may have planned will pale in comparison to the minefield of explosives through which I've been tip toeing.

Stateside:  Happy 4th and Happy Long Weekend.  Everywhere else...... it's time to rest my chemobrain.

Barb... I'm thinking about you.

Catherine, I'm crying as I wait to hear from you.

..... indeed there will be no actual river rafting either.  The only raft will be the one floating in a calm pool, likely with a frozen drink glued to my hand.  Around the clock.  For five consecutive days.  Yes.  I earned it.

I am supposed to be having birthday cake with my dad today.  He would have been 77.  He's been gone for six years. Complications that began with a small, early stage, should have been treatable tumor, ended in his untimely and unexpected death.  Cancer is a thief.

I love you, dad....  and......I could use a little help down here.


  1. Have a great time and regroup, AnneMarie - you certainly deserve a break!! xoxo


  2. Enjoy every single second of that glorious break. I hope the pool is warm, but refreshing, and that drink is cold. When I know more, you'll know more too. In the meanwhile, let's enjoy! (that's the pep talk I give myself in the morning. Sometimes it works, other times not so much.)

  3. dear AnneMarie,

    yes, that mofo cancer is, indeed a thief. I will be thinking of you and your dad on what should have been his 77th birthday. he would want you to do exactly what you are planning for the next 5 days. enjoy every minute of the break you so deserve.

    much love and warm hugs, my dear friend, XOXOXOXO


  4. I hope you enjoyed your unpluggged weekend - and you brought tears to my eyes when you remembered your father. Hugs and love to you.


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