Friday, July 12, 2013


I've been a bit neglectful.  It's been with very good cause but at this moment, I'm really not at liberty to share what is someone else's story.  Most sincere apologies for the cloak and dagger, cryptic, try to read between the lines and you still won't figure it out posts.

A little while ago, I was doing some housekeeping.  As in a few moments ago and as in, blog housekeeping.  Double checking the spam comments to make sure they are indeed, spam.... checking the real comments to make sure they aren't indeed, spam.

I found a comment that was left yesterday on an old post.  Although it was signed with ~E --- the comment name box was left anonymous.  No link.  No name.  No way for me to contact the commenter and thus, the comment has been moved to my spam folder.

Even if there was identifying information, I would have removed the comment.  However, I would have attempted to reach out to the author to open up a dialogue and to apologize for removing the comment.  I am not in the habit of simply removing comments but I am absolutely intolerant of comments that are disparaging to others.

Attack me if you feel you must.  It's been done before.  I'm certain it will be done again.  This was my personal favorite.  It feels like I touched a nerve.  It seems like the nerve was attached to someone with quite intimate knowledge of something I believe was beyond egregious.  Need I even say what.... yes, that Indian study.  And I did reply.  The next day.

Apparently, ~E was trying to find someone using the internet.  She found the person's name somewhere on this blog.  The person she was looking for is no longer around to speak for herself or her actions.  ~E had an opportunity to leave what would remain as a one sided accusation regarding her feelings about the personality of someone who is now deceased.

~E ....  If you happen to be reading, you can email me privately.  Contact information is on the left.  I will be happy to listen to what you have to say.  I will share what I know about the person who seems to have treated you in what you believe was an inappropriate manner.  I can not and will not leave a comment up that casts anyone in a bad light.  Unless it's me.  In this case, it was not me and it was not a person who is even still on this earth.  I am disturbed that such a comment was left and I am saddened that it was, once again, done behind the cloak of anonymity.


  1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but what kind of nutbar posts accusations about a dead person on a random blog?

    I can understand not liking another person to the point that her death would feel like a relief--it happens--but carrying a grudge beyond the graveyard seems to me to be an indication that a course of therapy is in order.

    1. I agree....and it was really troubling to see that comment....

  2. There comes a point where all of us have to remember there is no use for anyone to use someones extremely special blog and start acting like a bully to a person for absolutely no reason at all. Whatever this was, there's a reason we have a spam folder. There is no way I can make sense of a dead person carrying a grudge, or a live one with no purpose just to think they have any power by trying to be negative about nonsense.

    This sounds like pure and simple junk that has no place in any of our lives. You are doing so many important things and helping so many people. I am sorry this comment even had a second of your time and I think it should be buried with any idiot that wants to try to bring any negativity to all of the great work you are doing.

    Because I am so sensitive I can relate to it being troubling, yet at the same time looking from the outside AnneMarie this was pure and simple rubbish. (Of course it's easy for me to say this, since I didn't see it). Love and xoxo - Susan

  3. Anne Marie
    These blogs of ours, I consider sacred spaces. Unlike you (and I admire you for it, by the way; it's very brave) I don't allow people to post comments without my approving them. I just won't allow them in, the way i wouldn't allow someone hateful to come into my home.
    When all else is out of control and all hell breaks loose, I need to have this one little space that belongs to me.

  4. I'm with Yvonne, I consider my personal blog to be a place where comments either are/are not approved. Mind you, I'm the blogging equivalent to a chick flick, so not much comes my way. :)

    I admire how you raise your voice, dig in, care wholly, advocate for others and for yourself. Even in this post, I see you doing it once again. ~Catherine


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