Saturday, August 31, 2013


Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day for Angelo Merendino.  He should have been celebrating his wedding anniversary with his beloved Jen.

Many of you already know about Angelo's photography.

A digital book of The Battle We Didn't Choose is available for purchase.  Tomorrow, September 1!

Please support my friend, Angelo as he opens his heart and shares his story of love through some of the most powerful photographs you will ever view.

Click over to Angelo for the details.  Please share this in as many places as you see fit.

I'm unplugged until Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday) but the magic of auto schedule has enabled me to set this up to coincide with the launch of the book.

I got a sneak peek.  It's beautiful and it's haunting and it's especially poignant because much of what Angelo describes through his words and his photographs is quite familiar.  Jen and Angelo are part of the MSK family.

Angelo.... sending tons of love and support your way.  Fulfilling your promise to Jen in establishing The Love You Share to help others with transportation and meal expenses is an exceptional way to honor Jennifer's memory.  Sharing so much that is so personal in such a public way is a beautiful expression of your love.  I wish you peace and an inner calm as you continue to honor Jen and advocate on behalf of the needs of others.

It's the little things that always have the biggest impact.  What you have done is remarkable.

I'm honored to know you and I'm beyond grateful for your continued support of this community.

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  1. dear anne marie.

    how kind and generous you are to help angelo launch his book of photos and the stories of jen's days with breast cancer. the story of their beautiful love of one another, and the photos they created are a true testament to the all too short time they had together, and the way they chose joy and laughter and love over despair, living life as fully as possible and savoring every bit of it. now angelo is paying it forward and doing his best to honor jen as well as other's who have walked in her shoes.

    angelo, I hope you can feel the wide and warm embrace of this virtual community who continues to love and support you, and who will always remember your beautiful jen - her grace, her beauty, and her remarkable love for her angelo.

    much love and success with your book, xoxo

    Karen, TC

    1. Dear sweet Karen....

      Thank you for sharing your always beautiful words with Angelo.

      Sending you tons of love.....



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