Friday, September 6, 2013


Please head over to Lisa Adams' blog.  She has a captivating post featuring Jen Smith (@sinclair319) whose blog is  Jen has written two books.  She is presently in hospice.  I know Jen through the magic of social media.  We connected on twitter and via the blogs.

For now, all I can do is hold Jen and her precious son and her loved ones close to my heart.

For now, that's as much as I can handle.

For now, sadness blurs my vision and cripples my fingers.

And for now, anger consumes me that this disease is still disrupting and destroying.

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  1. AM, your blogs always move me, and of course some piss me right off. This morning's post is one such a blog. Another woman dying waiting for someone to throw some research dollars their way. Jen is everywoman, and I grieve for her, even having never met her.

    So, in my mind it is time to take organizing to the next level. How does a "Rage Against the Ribbon" movement actually begin? How does a "Where does the money go?" Movement begin? How does a movement begin where big media starts shining a light on how little $ actually goes to research? Where we carry banners with those who died waiting pictured and the media and donors actually pay attention? How do we take this outrage to the next level and force somebody to DO something?

    1. Carmen..

      I Love You...

      We mobilize. And do exactly what you suggest... and force people to listen....


  2. dear Anne Marie,

    thank you for letting us know about Jen; I too, will hold her and her loved ones close to my heart, and thank Lisa for her compassionate and loving post. you are always so kind and generous, posting news that can help us reach out to those who are suffering and grief-stricken.

    Carmen's words are also powerful, her questions echoing the urgency we all feel for action, for more research dollars to go to the right places, and, as you say, to force people to listen.

    much love and thanks, XOXO


    1. Ahhhh Karen....

      I''m holding YOU close, too. I know you have your own set of challenges yet again... and I'm more than a little irritated over what is happening with you. It falls under the Life can be Damn CRUEL.....

      Sending all my support and so much love...



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